Manly by Dale Lazarov & Amy Colburn

Manly by Dale Lazarov & Amy Colburn


MANLY – these are piggy gay comics, although you also get a healthy dose of tender to go along with all the sex. Three stories intertwine, observing men in the best years of their lives doing what the love to do best! Dale Lazarov’s sensual-sexual storyboard combined with Amy Colburn’s brilliantly drawn masculine figures result in a celebration of carnal desires! These stories get by without any use of words, thus furthering the sexual fantasies of the readers.


MANLY is unique, interesting, and eye catching. Dale Lazarov has combined three different stories with a superb art, culminating in a book that offers raw sex appeal, romance, and whimsy. The three stories are told in large artistic panels without dialogue. There are no words to convey the meaning and plot, yet the actions of the characters offer no confusion or miscommunication. The lack of language barrier creates a wonderful set of stories that can be enjoyed by all fans of graphic male/male erotica.

The stories range from raunchy to romantic and offer stunning artwork and almost exaggerated men. These men are no twinks, but hairy, big muscled men with a certain gleam to their eye. Their actions are sometimes sweet and tender, and sometimes hot and horny. The juxtaposition from story to story keeps the panels fresh and engaging, giving the reader a full experience with these very manly men. The deft hand in conveying an entire story without words allows readers also to use their imagination – will the men end up together, or is this a brief encounter? Surprisingly, I found this to be a great aspect of the book and the visual stimulus was the perfect companion.

The artwork is bright, colorful, and includes a range of subtly. The gorgeous book creates a full experience that never overwhelms but titillates and entices. The three different stories give variety in both the story and artwork while keeping the common theme of very manly men from one story to the next. The stories even include a nod to safe sex with very visible condom use. If I was pressed to choose a favorite, perhaps “Busted” about a bystander who helps a cop bring down a felon only to find the reward is well worth the effort. From cops to boxers to incredibly hot librarians, this silent comic offers everything.

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