Secret Santa

Over on Goodreads, the m/m reading group is doing a Secret Santa book exchange. I love this idea but unfortunately, I don’t know many of the people in that group and some of the people on LJ aren’t involved in that either.

So let’s do a Secret Santa with anyone who may not be involved with the Goodreads group. If you are already doing a gift exchange and want to get in here, please do! Thankfully Kris has agreed to co-sponser the event also on her blog so you can sign up there too. I’m going to be offering 2 or more gift certificates to ARe for random participants. The more people that sign up, the more gift certificates that get thrown into the mix.

What is the Secret Santa?
Gifting! You buy someone an ebook of their choice and you get one in return. This way you’re giving gifts while getting some too. It’s such a fun concept and I personally think it’s fun to buy for friends.

How to sign up?
It’s easy! Just comment here, in email (, Direct Message, or on Kris’ blog. When signing up please include the following information:

• Your email or way to contact you.

• Your #1 choice for ebook. This way you’re sure to get what you want!

• Your #2 choice for ebook. It’s always smart to have a backup.

On Friday, I’ll make a master list of everyone participating and send out the name of your Secret Santa the same day. You’ll have until Christmas to send and get your gift.

Any questions?

Sign up!

4 thoughts on “Secret Santa

  1. I signed up on Kris’ blog, but I wanted to thank you – I’m still miraculously free of Good Reads and I would have miss this brillant idea. Thanks Kassa! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I’m signing up for Secret Santa here since I felt a bit like a dick signing up for it on my own blog. LOL.
    #1 Anne Brooke “The Bones of Summer”
    #2 Rayne Auster “Moonlight Silver”
    I think you might have my email address already. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi, Kassa! Sounds like fun. I’ll sign up. How do we know which ebook format our giftee wants? I prefer .lit or .epub.
    Happy Ending by L. B. Gregg
    St. Nacho’s by Z. A. Maxfield
    You’ve got my email, right? obsidianbookshelf at

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