Firecracker by Jaye Valentine

Firecracker by Jaye Valentine

Isaac Lang is deeply in love with his live-in life-partner, Baltimore City police officer Jeff Clark, and has a serious kink for risky role-play sex with strangers. Jeff finds Isaac’s wild ways incredibly hot, and he’s more than willing to help facilitate Isaac’s lustful cravings.

Jeff trusts Isaac to be emotionally faithful despite the sexual experimentation, and Isaac trusts Jeff to watch his back and keep him safe from harm. Not a lifestyle everyone might aspire to or could successfully manage, but Isaac and Jeff make their quest for kink work to keep the sparks flying in their relationship.

[The cover is decent and the alley appropriate but I still hate the red band on top and why is an author name lowercase? weird]


When reading the first part of this novella, I thought it easily could have been named Cocksucker, but seeing as such a name has not only been used but created a whirl of controversy, the title “Firecracker” definitely fits. Here an established couple takes a few walks on the wild and definitely kinky side as cop by day Jeff indulges his sex addicted partner’s every whim. The antics are fun and inventive enough to keep you guessing from start to finish. As a delightful, entertaining, and sexy short read, this story delivers. The only down side is there’s not too much meat to it – other than the obvious kind.

The story opens with a back alley blowjob scene. Not only is the scene hot and hits on a lot of various kinks, but it throws a few subtle details into the mix that keep readers guessing. This type of entertaining surprise continues to the very end of the novella. The main couple of Jeff and Isaac are sweet and unusual. Here Isaac gets his thrills having sex with strangers and depends on Jeff to keep him safe. Jeff clearly has a voyeur kink and enjoys indulging Isaac in his sexy roleplay fantasies. Their relationship is shown mostly through their dynamic together and neither character is fully developed. There is obviously more to each man than just the hot sex that fills the page and the story teases with such without fully delivering.

The love between Jeff and Isaac is obviously solid and not just because they have a sexually open relationship. There are small details where a touch, look, or comment shows the true strength and commitment between the men. Therefore the story feels free to indulge in the sexual escapades. I would have liked to have more characterization and depth to the men as Isaac, especially, has a lot more to show. There are hints that perhaps the men are getting ready to settle down but neither is hurt by messing around. Additionally Isaac’s lively banter and bits of jealousy show there is more to the relationship than merely shown here.

Firecracker is a quick, hot read. The story delves into fantasies in an environment that’s safe to do so or perhaps not so safe, as the antics take a few unexpected twists. The characters are interesting and Isaac definitely stands out above the colorful cast. The dialogue is clever and witty, delivering a well-written story with some great humor. The scene in Hot Topic especially is not to be missed. If there are any more stories with these two, I’d hope they’d have more of each man and what drives them. But the sex is hot too so I won’t turn that down. At $2, this is a steal.

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