Mid week shorts

Sex Type Thing by Jade Falconer

This short story is about two rock stars that have an accident on the side of the road and the sparks that are ignited as a result. The story spends the first half setting up the sexual chemistry and the second half in an extended sex scene. There is little characterization but both men are classic bad boy rocker stereotypes with a touch of angst that readers will adore. The sex is typical of the author with a hint of domination but not enough to really turn off some readers. A fast, hot, and pure porn read.  

– I’d normally include a buy link but Phaze’s website sucks so badly I cant get a link to just that book. Fail much?

Falling in Uncontrolled Circumstances by Pepper Espinoza
This is a ménage story where an established British couple brings an American daredevil pilot into their relationship. The book is ok and there are several sex scenes once the ménage is established. The end of the novella (~80 pages) is sex scene after sex scene with a few scenes of Greg worrying about the impact on his relationship to Phillip. The reasons for Greg and Phillip accepting Jim into their bed and relationship are kind of sketchy and not wholly satisfying, especially given Jim’s job. Phillip is worried he’ll be killed and Greg will be alone so that makes little sense. The characterization is problematic but the ménage works decently for fans of m/m/m.

Get it HERE!

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