Hot Weather by Matthew Haldeman-Time

Hot Weather by Matthew Haldeman-Time

There’s more to summer than just hot weather.

Fresh out of college and new to the working world, John faces reality—spending the rest of his life stuck behind a desk instead of having fun in the sun with his friends. His boss is on his back, his car is breaking down, and the oppressive heat is broiling him alive. There’s no end in sight to his misery.

Tall, slender, green-eyed Keith runs the lunch shift at the local diner, an air-conditioned oasis away from what John’s life has become. Keith’s cheerful personality, constant smile and unbearably sexy body help to remind John that summer is what he makes of it. And with Keith’s cooperation, John plans on making this his best summer yet.


This is a fun, easy, and sexy story. John was a college football star but instead of following his friends to the NFL, he took a job at an ad agency with the hope of working his way up. When his car breaks down, John’s forced to walk to a nearby diner for lunch and notices the hot waiter. The flirty attention Keith lavishes on John is enough to keep him coming back, knowing eventually Keith will give in. When he does, John realizes that summer definitely has its advantages even as it changes.

The characters are quirky and entertaining with John as a bit of a stereotype. He’s got a gorgeous body from playing football and an easy confidence. He’s used to getting what he wants and is by turns intrigued and frustrated that Keith doesn’t immediately give in to their sexual chemistry. Keith is younger but more mature in some ways as he insists on knowing John better before they have sex. Keith wants a relationship, something John wasn’t looking for but warms to the idea.

The writing is evocative enough to really bring the story to life. The heat of the summer comes across in the details from the sweltering wall of heat to the sticky lack of air conditioning. The cool ice cream combines with rich food to give a perfect taste of summer in this quick story. Although the time frame is about a week and focuses on the connection between the men, the bantering dialogue and solid descriptions keep this as a thoroughly enjoyable read. If you’re looking for a sexy taste of summer, pick up this fun offering.

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