No Rest for the Wicked by A.M. Riley

No Rest for the Wicked by A.M. Riley

Adam has gone through a lot of changes in the past year, a new taste for ‘O’ neg blood and allergy to sunlight being the least of them. Maybe it’s the cute young grad student who has been sniffing around Adam’s longtime sex partner, Peter. Or maybe immortality gives a man a little too much time to think. But Adam’s feeling motivated to change a few of his ways. If he could just get Peter to stop working long enough to notice.

Peter has his own issues with dating a dead man. And after over a decade of being in love with a commitment-phobe, he’s finding it hard to believe that Adam isn’t sampling the goods of the hot young vampire he works with.

They manage their issues the way they always have. By not talking about them…until a high profile computer software genius turns up drained in Hollywood, revealing a new vampire gang in Los Angeles, and all of their troubles come to a head. There’s no rest for the wicked.

[No clue what to say about this cover. The red I get – vampires and all. But the naked guy? I mean, there’s sex yea but this is a vamp book where sex isn’t the major component. I don’t get the cover. ]


I’m definitely not ashamed to say I am a fan of AM Riley’s writing. Also being a vampire groupie, the combination gives a fabulous series that is delightful, edgy, absorbing, and flat out entertaining. I pick up these books and never want them to end. No Rest for the Wicked is much the same with Adam’s first person point of view and very similar antics as the previous book. There is less of a focus on the criminal/police element and more on the resolution of Peter and Adam’s ongoing, slightly dysfunctional relationship. The ending has a finality to it that wraps everything up very neatly and stops the series in an excellent point. Of course as with any beloved book and characters, more would be welcome, but if the author never revisits Adam and Peter she’s left us fans with a wonderful swan song.

The story starts out with our beloved, anti-hero Adam. Adam has been trying to be a good little vampire for the past year since we saw him last. He’s drinking bagged blood, hooked up with a small group of vampires out to keep the civilians from being lunch while attempting to woo Peter with something resembling a real date. Adam’s discovering jealousy for the first time in the form of a younger, preppy suitor for Peter that is most importantly, alive and human. Startled by the unwanted competition, Adam is abstaining from random sex with others and trying to be a good boyfriend. But life is never easy for the undead and a celebrity body is found on their big date, landing Peter the investigation and Adam reluctantly helping.

Told from Adam’s first person point of view, the plot has the expected police/criminal/vampire tie ins. Here the dead body was drained and left with puncture marks so Adam and his makeshift group are asked to figure out who is draining celebrities. The actual mystery is somewhat convoluted but that may be partly my fault. The relationship between Adam and Peter is so much more present and intense in this offering that I found myself wanting to skim the actual mystery to get back to the meat of the story. Thankfully also the vampire involvement is less complicated than the previous book and blends the relationship aspect much better. There are a few holes or questions still unresolved at the end, but these are minor.

The relationship between Adam and Peter is much more involved this time around. Whereas Peter came off slightly sad and pathetic for putting up with Adam’s infidelity and poor behavior, here we see Adam’s perspective in how long he has been fascinated by Peter. How he ached for the man well before they ever got involved and finally Adam admits to the depths of his feelings, which go beyond physical. Peter for his part shows more of a spine and his reasons start to become clearer. He’s not innocent or naïve of Adam’s actions but chooses to believe in their connection and Adam’s goodness, much more than Adam initially does. Their chemistry is hot and visceral with a lot of sex between them but there is a wealth of tenderness in the small gestures as well. In fact the final selfless gesture Adam makes at the end is almost shocking, given his character and he seems to come full circle from the start of the first book.

Once again the book shines with solid writing and great chemistry. Adam is a lovable anti-hero with a disagreeable, dismissive attitude yet turns on a dime when trying to change for Peter. The dichotomy is humorous, engaging, and shows another side to the man used to doing what he wants, when he wants and never caring about the consequences. The ragtag vampire group Adam has aligned with is weird in their own right but offer a delightful, interesting contrast to the uptight, overworked police. Here the vampire group is the hero against the police who are too worried about protocol and placing blame to actually accomplish much. Adam’s silent and witty observations offer a lot of charm and humor throughout as his wry voice carries the book. Although Peter’s point of view would have been welcome, Adam’s unique voice is the strength of the series.

No Rest could be read on its own but I’d suggest reading Immortality first before tackling this. The Christmas short can be read whenever but reading Immortality first and No Rest second will give a more thorough look at the men and their connection. The neat resolution ties up most loose ends while giving a solid happy ending so Adam and Peter can ride off in the proverbial moonlight. This mini-series is not to be missed for romance fans or vamp lovers. Get it now.

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5 thoughts on “No Rest for the Wicked by A.M. Riley

  1. Great review, Kassa! I thought this was an outrageously good book! Like you, I’m a big fan of this author though not so much of vampires, but between this author and JCP, I’ve become much more interested in the genre. For me, the draw of this series (beyond the great writing) was the Los Angeles connection and the cholo slang. The author does all that so well and it’s so unique.

    • You’re absolutely right. There is so much to praise about this particular author and her writing style that it appeals to a lot of fans.
      Have you read Amor En Retrograde?

  2. Yes! Very impressed. I picked it as my “Top Pick” for February for the aRe newsletter. I still haven’t written a blog review for it … certain books are so good, or so complicated, or both that I don’t think I can do them justice is a review and I start procrastinating, ha, ha! Definitely I can’t do a short review for that one.

    • Yea that’s probably the reason I didn’t review that one either. I had a lot of thoughts on it but it’s such a “full” book I ended up not reviewing it.
      Some books are best left without comment 😀

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