So I was cruising over though Hey Epiphora, the funny and occasionally gross sex toy reviewer, and found this.

Cherry Pop
Jack’s Cherry Pop is a refreshing treat when you’re thirsty for fun … No strings attached! Slip inside this tight little bubble butt and into the snug Squeeze texture for a cherry-popping good time.

Banana Cream Soda
Jack’s Banana Cream Soda is a rich, creamy indulgence. Prepare to have your cock worshipped … No reciprocation necessary! Slide your banana in and out of this hot mouth, and experience the tantalizing Swallow texture.

Gape Soda
Jack’s Gape Soda is the perfect pick-me-up for hung tops. You know how to work a bottom’s hole to make entry as pleasurable as possible … But we’ve done the work for you and this bottom is ready to play! Featuring a relaxed opening and the Stamina texture from Endurance Jack

I just had to share and I truly think this should make someone’s book. I mean there is always talk of dildo’s, plugs, rings, porn, and so on… so why not one of these clever tools? If nothing else… check out the site

2 thoughts on “Hmmm….

  1. No reciprocation necessary! Ha, ha, ha! What poor soul got stuck writing the ad copy for these things? Actually, I have to admit now that I’ve had a good laugh that these … um … products are definitely filling an … um … niche that hasn’t been … uh … serviced yet, and it’s all about market penetration — ha, ha!

    • hahah I can imagine much worse jobs than writing copy ads for sex toys. Since this particular toy is directed at gay men… I think it’d be fun to be part of the writing group. I especially love that they pointed out such features as bubble butts and snug asses. Clearly in the know -grins-

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