Chasing Tail by Lorne Rodman

Chasing Tail Chasing Tail by Lorne Rodman

Tony is an information gatherer, a low-level demon who likes his job and his perks on the earthly plane, thank you. He doesn’t need human demon-hunters like Salter hanging around and making trouble, no matter how attractive they are. Or how capable. Or hot, with their leather and gun-toting ways.

Salter needs Tony’s help, though, to find a demon even an experienced hunter can’t take on alone. Both Tony and Salter are used to working solo, but they’ll have to become a team to take on a demon like the Tail and his cronies. Can Salter convince Tony that it’s worth his while to play along?


Chasing Tail is an amusing, delightful novella that takes some classic stereotypes and gives some fresh new life into them. The dialogue is witty with a lot of back and forth bantering and some hot sex in the later half. Tony is a sin keeper demon, one who keeps track of the sins of others. As such, he knows a lot of information and demon-hunting Salter decides Tony’s going to help him. The sparks fly between these two as they reluctantly work together to find Salter’s target “The Tail.”

I was pleasantly surprised at this enjoyable story and liked the quirky Tony a lot. Here is a demon that is a bit of a hypochondriac and thinks sex is kind of nasty. Oral has way too many germs and the backdoor is an exit only. He’s fastidious and doesn’t like to be around people which puts him up against a pretty big wall with the stubborn Salter. Salter is your typical brash bastard that intimidates those around him to get what he wants. But he also shows concern that Tony not get hurt. Although Tony is clearly the weaker of the two – and obvious bottom – he can stand up for himself and has a clever wit.

The world building is sparse to non-existent as the urban fantasy world is shown in gritty clubs and smelly humans. There is very little descriptive quality to the setting and the characters send the majority of the time ruminating in their head with information dumps about why a character can’t do this or that. There is very little structure given to the demons even though they clearly have some sort of administrative ladder given their duties. Additionally the actual plot of chasing this seven foot demon with a tail is not given much weight, significance or purpose.

So really the story is a fluff piece with some hot sex and likable characters. Tony’s issues with the dirtiness of sex kind of just disappear once he and Salter decide to give into their mutual lust and Salter’s brash personality seems to melt under Tony’s amusing bitching comments. Salter acts like a classic Seme but not as arrogant as he listens to Tony’s body instead of the voice. Tony may very weakly say no but he really wants it so this is more amusing than anything. The real enjoyment comes the snappy dialogue and quick pace to the story.

I wish the novella had taken the characters and the story further by delving into the setting and creating a gritty, fascinating world. The outline is there but never developed and fully explored. Also the characters are quirky and interesting but they also stop too soon and give in to end the story rather than carrying their quirks to more developed areas. The idea of a gay demon that loves his horns stroked but finds sex unhygienic is great and could offer a good deal of humor and great antics but sadly just isn’t as fully used as possible. Even though the story stops considerably short of greatness, the amusing antics and entertaining story is worth reading.

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