Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl

  Kris (of Kris ‘n Good Books)mentioned a while back in a post that readers are pretty demanding creatures. I immediately thought well yea! Of course we are. I’m pretty picky in my reading and have a laundry list (it feels like to authors) of what I want. Surprisingly a good number of authors fit that epic list of wants, needs, and desires but I highly doubt it’s as effortless to create as it is to read.

So working with Kris, I came up with an idea to do an author fan letter blog crawl. Instead of emailing your favorite author with your fan letter, why not post it on your blog for everyone to see? It’s a well earned pat on the back to the author and perhaps readers will pick an author, book, or genre they might not have otherwise.

Kind of a give-back, win/win situation for all.

Little did I know that approaching Kris with the idea would lead to this epic, truly epic blog crawl but it has…We now have 30 blogs all participating across a wide range of reading tastes. The author letters promise to stretch beyond romance but no doubt a goodly number of those favorites will sneak in.

A Complete list can be found here:  to Lynn Lorenz to Susan May Warren to Charlie Cocharne to Josh Lanyon Sandy Hingston to Jet Mykles to Mary Balogh Beth Kerry to Stephanie Meyers to AM Riley to Tamora Pierce to a dynamic threesome: Megan Hart, Joey Hill, Lissa Matthews. to Megan Hart to Megan Hart to Paullina Simons to Lisa Kleypas to KZ Snow to Shiloh Walker to Keri Arthur to Victoria Holt, Anne Gracie, Karen Marie Morning to Chris Owen to Moira Rogers to Linda Howard to Charles de Lint to Terry Pratchet to LaVryie Spencer and Jourdan Lane to Shayla Kersten to Lisa Kleypas, Lucy Monroe & JB McDonald

The concept is actually simple and I tried not to muck it up with too many complications. Each blog writes their letter as they would to their author of choice. It can be about a favorite book, series, or just the author’s work in general that has meaning to the reader. They then tag the next blogger in line. The next blogger posts their fan letter the next day and so on. Hopefully all the organization will pay off *crosses fingers* and everything will happen smoothly.

I encourage everyone to follow the crawl and hopefully it’s a nice give back from us demanding readers. No doubt there are blogs I missed that want to participate and feel free to post your own letter! If you send me a link I’ll be making a composite post with all the fan letters at the end of the crawl and can add everyone who participated.

Good luck and thank you authors!

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