Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl – the last one!

It’s finally my turn to wrap up this month (plus) long blog crawl. It’s been incredible so far with so many wonderful authors highlighted and if you’ve been anything like me your wallet may not have appreciated this so much. If you’ve missed any letters, I’ll be doing a wrap up tomorrow or you can go backwards from me to Marie Sexton and so on!

I waffled over whom to write to, there are so many deserving authors. So many books that touched me or slid permanently onto the keeper shelf, it’s so hard to choose. In the end it was surprisingly easy as I looked over to my “new” keeper shelf and one author leapt out numerous times.

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All good things must end

As it must eventually happen, the Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl has finally slid to a stop. It’s been HUGELY successful and I’m beyond proud. We had 30 blogs participating with letters to 38 authors. We had authors that span genres and definitions. Letters were poignant, funny, sarcastic, moving, and steeped with praise. We had authors themselves see the letters and readers discover new authors and titles to try. I think most of all we did some serious damage to credit cards. 

The response has been enormous with tons of comments and activity. These letters not only introduced or re-introduced authors but I know I’m not the only one with about 10 more blogs to follow, at least. 

Thank you to everyone who participated, it was overwhelming and surprisingly drama free. One or two hitches is nothing on something this scale so if you haven’t had a chance to see these truly great letters – check them out. There are some great authors in this group of readers (including the readers themselves!).

The Blog Crawl Final List!
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Fan letter to an author

Here is my fan letter to kick things off. Going first is a mite intimidating and I had a few panic attacks, rough drafts, and author qualms. There are so many favorites, how to choose just one? Do I stick to ebooks or go into favorite print books? Decisions! I went with instinct on this one and here is my contribution:

Dear JD Robb

Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl

  Kris (of Kris ‘n Good Books)mentioned a while back in a post that readers are pretty demanding creatures. I immediately thought well yea! Of course we are. I’m pretty picky in my reading and have a laundry list (it feels like to authors) of what I want. Surprisingly a good number of authors fit that epic list of wants, needs, and desires but I highly doubt it’s as effortless to create as it is to read.

So working with Kris, I came up with an idea to do an author fan letter blog crawl. Instead of emailing your favorite author with your fan letter, why not post it on your blog for everyone to see? It’s a well earned pat on the back to the author and perhaps readers will pick an author, book, or genre they might not have otherwise.

Kind of a give-back, win/win situation for all.

Little did I know that approaching Kris with the idea would lead to this epic, truly epic blog crawl but it has…We now have 30 blogs all participating across a wide range of reading tastes. The author letters promise to stretch beyond romance but no doubt a goodly number of those favorites will sneak in.

A Complete list can be found here: