All good things must end

As it must eventually happen, the Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl has finally slid to a stop. It’s been HUGELY successful and I’m beyond proud. We had 30 blogs participating with letters to 38 authors. We had authors that span genres and definitions. Letters were poignant, funny, sarcastic, moving, and steeped with praise. We had authors themselves see the letters and readers discover new authors and titles to try. I think most of all we did some serious damage to credit cards. 

The response has been enormous with tons of comments and activity. These letters not only introduced or re-introduced authors but I know I’m not the only one with about 10 more blogs to follow, at least. 

Thank you to everyone who participated, it was overwhelming and surprisingly drama free. One or two hitches is nothing on something this scale so if you haven’t had a chance to see these truly great letters – check them out. There are some great authors in this group of readers (including the readers themselves!).

The Blog Crawl Final List! to JD Robb and Jordan Castillo Price  to Lynn Lorenz to Susan May Warren to Charlie Cocharne to Josh Lanyon Sandy Hingston to Jet Mykles to Mary Balogh Beth Kerry to Stephanie Meyers to AM Riley to Tamora Pierce to a dynamic threesome: Megan Hart, Joey Hill, Lissa Matthews. to Megan Hart to Megan Hart to Paullina Simons to Lisa Kleypas to KZ Snow to Shiloh Walker to Keri Arthur to Victoria Holt, Anne Gracie, Karen Marie Morning to Chris Owen to Moira Rogers to Linda Howard to Charles de Lint to Terry Pratchet to LaVryie Spencer and Jourdan Lane to Shayla Kersten to Lisa Kleypas, Lucy Monroe & JB McDonald

9 thoughts on “All good things must end

  1. Kassa, this was such an outstanding idea! What would you think about making it yearly event? Or a yearly event for new romance authors (mf and mm)? There’s so many new ones authors, especially in mm, breaking into the field. I know, ha, ha! One more thing to coordinate! 🙂 Well, maybe food for thought.

    • Thanks Val! I fully credit Kris for talking about demanding readers and helping me get a lot of the participants. I envisioned about 4 letters.. not 38! So it’s been amazing.
      Once a year hmmm… it might be worth it next year to do a newcomers letter. I’ll keep it in mind!
      Funny aside – I noticed I was the only one on LJ and everyone else on blogspot. Perhaps time to move? hehe.

      • You’re very welcome, Kassa. The newcomer letter would be awesome!
        As for LiveJournal versus Blogger, it’s a hard question to answer, ha, ha! One thing I can say about LJ that seems to have changed since last year is that it’s very hard to avoid LJ forcing an ad on me if I click a link to come in to someone’s LJ or if I try to leave a comment. It’s very annoying! I don’t think that used to happen. Anyway, your blog and JCP’s blog and Sarah Black’s blog are about the only LJs I visit anymore because of that ad thing (complete with sound — ick!)

  2. Thank you, Kassa, for organizing this. It was a great idea and I had a lot of fun reading everyone’s letters. I think many of us were happy to have a chance to be unabashed loud and proud fans!

    • Thank you for participating! It turned into such a great event and I loved reading everyone’s letters. It’s especially fun to see authors you admire be fans too.

  3. Yay you Kassa for coming up with the idea and getting us all onboard. It was so much fun to read why people connect with certain authors and how much it can affect your life.

  4. This was such a terrific event to participate in, Kassa. Thanks heaps for thinking about it and for your organisation. I have greatly enjoying reading all the fan letters and discovering new authors. Thanks!

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