2 quickies

Phonebook (Ryan & Scott, #2)Phonebook by Amy Lane

(sequel to Shirt – from the Curious Anthology)

Stuck away from home on business, all Ryan can do is talk with his lover Scott on the phone. But the conservative Ryan finds no comfort in phone sex–he’s far too embarrassed. Fortunately, his playful lover has not only planned ahead, but he can think on his back as well. It turns out that the heart really is where good sex starts!

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

I won this book free from Amy Lane through Chris’ giveaway – so thank you to both of them for that! I entered the contest because of the author, who I’ve so far loved everything she’s written. So it was a pleasant surprise to realize this is story is a sequel to the really great story Shirt from the Curious Anthology. You don’t need to read the previous story – this stands alone just fine – but you can if you’re curious how Ryan and Scott met. It’s a great revisit to characters that are fun, adorable, and slightly geeky in the best ways.

The set up is really easy and involves Ryan away on a business trip. Travel is a huge part of Ryan’s job and he has reasons, both practical and financial, that play into so much travel but neither Scott or Ryan are happy about the absence. While away one night Scott tries to spice things up on the phone but the results are.. well unexpected.

This is just a quick story (30 pages with the DSP exaggerated font) so the characters have two brief sex scenes with a lot of snappy dialogue. As expected, the author delivers a cute and fun story that manages to be geek chic. Ryan is seriously cute when he gets shy about phone sex and Scott’s creative way of using the phonebook is both hot and adorable. The characters aren’t perfect, Scott is beyond vain, but it’s nice to see how these two create a solid, happy life together without the cliché perfection stereotypes. They feel honest in the best, most endearing ways.

I’d give this one a 3.5 just because I think I liked Shirt better, but that’s just my preference.

Get it HERE!

BDSFerretBDSFerret by Celia Kyle

Mika is ferret, hear him… chitter. Merry Christmas to him, he’s ready for some BDSM bottoming action and the Hair of the Dawg is just the place to find what, and who, he wants.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I wanted to read this because.. well come on? A ferret shifter looking for a big, bad Dom just strikes me as funny and tongue in cheek. Thankfully the story delivers exactly that. It’s not big on character development and the writing style is not necessarily memorable but it’s humorous and entertaining with some hot sex so frankly I enjoyed reading this.

Mika is a ferret shifter, though no shifting takes place in the story. Supposedly ferrets are predators but all Mika wants is a big, bad Dom to top him. So he finally goes out cruising on Christmas Eve and finds a prairie dog shifter who can give him what he wants. The scene is quick to set up and mostly sex based but throws some fun humor into the mix. It keeps the jokes entertaining without being stale and adds some delicious BDSM tinged sex to top it off.

If this had been any longer than the very quick story it is, it likely would have run stale but it fits perfectly as a quick bite with a funny hook and some good erotica. If you’re looking for something light hearted and fast, think about this one.

Get it HERE!

2 thoughts on “2 quickies

  1. Great reviews, Kassa! I really liked Keeping Promise Rock though I haven’t yet read Shirt (have the anthology on the TBR list).
    And “Mika is ferret, hear him… chitter.! What’s not to like? Ha, ha!

    • If you’re not reading the anthology to review, skip around and read the stories here and there. Shirt is a lot of fun to read but you don’t need to read it to read this. This also reads like a fun one off (in fact I forgot the couple -were- from Shirt until after the story).
      BDSM Ferret… what will they think of next?

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