Condom + teeth = bad idea!

Condom + teeth = bad idea!

There’s been a ton of posts lately about condom use in erotic romance – specifically m/m erotic romance. Should condoms be used every time, part of the time, or none of the time? There has been a variety of answers and some very strong opinions.

It seems to be the current consensus that people want this aspect to be real. This is of course a generalization but they just want the condom use to make sense. It is fiction though so there’s a little latitude allowed.

Being that fiction is NOT a guide to sexual activity, safe sex practices, a karma sutra of sex, or anything other than simple made up sex between people who don’t exist – any commentary or criticism must keep this in mind.

So attempting to stay there I’m offering this just for anyone that’s well..maybe slightly probably a tad bit annoyed as I am about condom use. Condoms are not difficult to open and why books consistently make it out as though those packages are made of NASA engineered plastic, made to withstand the efforts of everyone but the most determined sex ravaged horn ball, I’ve no clue.

I’ve never seen anyone use their teeth to open a condom package. Additionally I’ve never seen anyone tie a condom off after use and gently place it in the trash. Neither one of these rampant inclusions are deal breakers. They are after all, simply small details that do not matter.

Yet being that I apparently do care enough to post on it, I’m offering this as a helpful reminder. If anyone knows about condom use in gay sex for maximum enjoyment, I’m going to assume it’s porn stars. Realistic? Who knows but it fits with the theme of fiction I’d think.

So please enjoy this how to use a condom by gay porn stars. Nary a tooth or tied condom in sight.


12 thoughts on “Condom + teeth = bad idea!

  1. LOL Ah, Brent. You’ve come a long way. 😉
    Actually I’ve seen a condom opened with one’s teeth quite a few times… when the other hand is occupied. 😉

    • I know! Mr. Bareback is doing condom ads. Ahh I love gay porn.
      I don’t doubt that it happens and in cases like that.. go for it! I think it’s just over used. Like every single time, and it mostly brings to mind the fact that the packet is difficult to open vs. busy/too impassioned (which hey I’d be into that too).

  2. Very interesting video! 🙂 Educational, too! As for the very commonplace fiction scene where someone is ripping open a condom package with his teeth, I’m guessing it’s supposed to convey a mood of uncontrollable passion.

    • I think you’re right. Plus I was informed on twitter that it’s also something done on Queer as Folk (though I don’t watch that) so apparently it’s a common misconception.
      But isn’t this the best way to educate? *grins*

  3. In Queer as Folk, the American version, Brian Kinney opens them with his teeth. I tried it once, purely for research purposes don’t you know, (snerk) and the results were, well, less than desirable. He made it look so easy! So, once again the general public is misled by television!

    • A couple of people told me that on twitter too. I’ve never seen QAF so I had no idea. But also as you know .. its not really the super sexy thing like the books. Which is what makes it hilarious. I can get it some of the time if it just works in a scene but when both hands are free, the person is sitting there calmly opening the packet… teeth are not required! lol..

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