Since I’m still wishing I was on vacation


I was catching up on Top Chef and during a crab challenge a chef mentions he had crabs… TMI! So happy crab-less Friday everyone..

5 thoughts on “Since I’m still wishing I was on vacation

  1. lmao
    Ow! Ow! Ow! That hurts to think about and I’m not even a guy with easily pinchable parts! But it’s sure roflma funny.
    So you watch Top Chef? I’ve never caught that one, but I’ve seen Cupcake Wars and Chopped! Is Top Chef like Chopped — in which the chefs have to construct a certain kind of dish–entree, dessert, whatever–out of weird ingredients like sea bass and chocolate chips? My favorite cooking show will always be Alton Brown, though. Well, that and America’s Test Kitchen/Cook’s Country. I’m still trying to figure out why PBS has two differently named cooking shows with the same cast, in the same place, cooking the same way. It’s a little weird.

    • Re: lmao
      *laughs* I Know!
      Top Chef is kind of like that. They start with 16 chefs and they have to cook random meals according to each challenge with one chef who cooks the worst eliminated each time. They have to sometimes cook around a certain ingredient or idea, such as making a meal for an adult but puree’ing it for a child and making both taste good and appropriate. Those kinds of things.
      It’s hard to keep up with all the cooking shows/competitions!
      Oh and btw… I’m reading Counterpoint. I’m halfway through (Poor Dylan! well.. poor Laurence! *sniff*).. I picked it up and thought, not sure I feel like a historical but I want a good book. Of course immediately I didn’t care that it was historical, it was just immediately engaging. I can’t wait to finish it. I’m considering locking myself in til I can get to the end.

      • rules for reading Counterpoint
        Whaddayoumean “considering” locking y9ourself in. The rules for reading Counterpoint are as follows:
        Until you have finished you are not allowed to pee, eat, drink, attend bodily functions, walk the dog, feed the cat, clean the birdcage, visit relatives living or dead, go to work, talk on the telephone, text, or any other personal, familial, or public activity that requires putting down the book. If the rules are violated there will be large burly gentlemen who are Not Nice calling upon you in the middle of the night. No exceptions will be made.

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