Hi everyone!


Happy Sunday, I hope you’re not all suffering from Halloween hangovers. Thank you everyone for participating in the week of give aways. I broke my own record numbers on a few days and already I heard from readers and authors that those who won went back and bought several other backlist books. So I hope everyone enjoys their books and buys more from the authors. Backlists contain gems too!


For mystery lovers I’m going to recommend Murder on Camac by Joseph DeMarco. My review comes out at Rainbow Reviews next week but it’s a great story and definitely worth reading. My only sadness was there are no more! Great PI characters should be series.


Tomorrow is my Loose Id Analysis and as I’ve said it’s fascinating! I’ve spent a lot of time on this and am excited to add it to the list. Then I need a new target – any suggestions? There are numerous publishers I still haven’t gotten to (Phaze, Changeling, Amber(!), MLR, Total-E-Bound, Liquid Silver, Cobblestone, Aspen Mountain, and others) so any preferences or suggestions?


If any of the winners end up posting reviews of their books (small or large) please let me know! I’d love to forward any feedback to the authors and even twitter-sized reviews are welcome. Can’t beat 140 letter review. 

New Orleans and other stuff!

Hi all, I’m back! Just spent several days down in the French Quarter of New Orleans, which is one of my favorite places. When I lived in the South and was only ~3 hour drive away I went to NOLA as often as possible. However, I hadn’t been back since Katrina (coincided with me moving north) so I was super excited to go back. In the French Quarter it’s almost impossible to see the affect Katrina’s had but go just a little outside even to the Garden District and the signs are more evident. When I’ve uploaded them, I’ll post some pictures. It was a wonderful time even with the problems we encountered.

I did happen to go to Balticon on Friday. A more disorganized convention I’ve not seen. I registered but didn’t have to and the spread out, maze like arrangement of panels and rooms were mystifying. I stumbled upon JM Snyder’s panel purely by accident and listened in to one of the most random conversations as they jumped from topic to topic. The other two on the panel were “speculative fiction erotica” pod casters. Conservatively speaking, I don’t think they had much to do with JM’s writing and vice versa. I did check out their pod casts at home out of curiosity and all I can say is hearing the phrase “he sprayed her with his love mustard” was enough for me.

I read a ton of books while away – both m/m romance and not. (Slam by Nick Hornsby is good, Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper not so much) So I have a bunch of reviews coming up on the blog because I’m behind include:

Rick Reed’s NegUB2, ZA Maxfield’s Physical Therapy, Jet Mykles Sursein Judgment, Stephanie Vaughn’s Jumping the Fence, KA Mitchell’s Hot Ticket, Fae Sutherland’s A Tender Rough, Jamie Craig’s Sticks and Stones, and likely more as I remember. 

New Orleans fog! Not my picture but this was close 😀