Caught by Surprise by L.D. Madison

Caught by SurpriseCaught by Surprise by L.D. Madison

Partners and Federal Agents, Jason Lowery and Noah Black wake up in bed together naked, but neither one knows how they got there, or to the remote cabin the bed’s in. Jason’s interested, very interested, but he fears his partner’s reaction and the potential fallout if their superiors ever find out. He misread a fellow officer’s interest once and lost it all — his career, his friends, his family’s respect. This time around, he won’t be the one risking everything.

Noah has always been curious about sex with another man, but his strict upbringing and life in law enforcement made it impossible to explore that side of his nature safely. When he and Jason get locked in a cabin by a well-meaning friend, Noah wants to sample the forbidden.

Both men agree to a single afternoon of passion. Just to see.

When they are released from the cabin, Jason wants to see where a relationship with Noah might lead. However, Noah is not ready to make such a radical lifestyle change — and he doesn’t think he’ll ever be ready to come out to friends and family.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


This is a fun, easy, light hearted romp with a lot of steamy sex scenes. The characters are decent but somewhat empty since there is just very little to the story other than their relationship. The light touch to the angst makes the story fun to read and entertaining but I forgot it almost immediately after finishing. This will satisfy those wanting a breezy, sexy read that is quick and enjoyable without much substance.

The story starts with FBI partners Noah and Jason, who wake up naked in bed together. They discover they’ve been kidnapped by a friend and forced together since Jason has a crush on Noah. Since they’re alone in an isolated cabin without clothes, Noah decides to give into his curiosity and the two have lots of sex. When they’re back in the real world though, Noah isn’t ready to face the truth of being gay and tries to hide. Of course that doesn’t last long and the two are back together again in short order.

The actual relationship between Noah and Jason is pretty easy with very light angst. Noah is stressed about coming out to his family and freaks out because of that. Considering he clearly had been suppressing any desires for other men, it’s not surprising he takes a bit to come around to the idea. I’m surprised it only took Noah a week to decide to get into a relationship with Jason but there’s not much else to the story and the angst is light so I guess the timeline had to speed up. This isn’t bad but it definitely keeps the intensity weak and the story more about the steamy sex than the emotion.

Noah and Jason are fun characters with a good chemistry and engaging dynamic. They compliment each other and of course have lots of sex. There’s not much to the men unfortunately since the story consistently keeps their past and emotion on the surface and easy. Both men have troubled family relationships but this is glossed over pretty quickly and the focus back on sex. A real highlight to the story though is Noah’s relationship to his younger brother and it would have been nice to see more of that dynamic. Perhaps the younger brother will end up gay and the author will revisit Noah and Jason.

There is also an annoying subplot about Noah’s abusive boss that is used solely to keep the story going. The tension is predictable, as is the outcome, and the entire inclusion is awkward. It’s the only reason the story continues after the early reconciliation between the two so this is an excuse to include more sex and prolong the story. In some ways this is fine since the writing is decent and overall very easy to read. I do wish though this had been given some real weight and importance instead of being so forgettable.

Overall this is a pretty enjoyable and entertaining story but the real focus is on Noah and Jason and of course their many sex scenes. So read this for a fun, light erotica read and not much more.

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