Get What You Need by Janey Chapel

Get What You NeedGet What You Need by Janey Chapel

An ordinary Thursday night at Bryan’s Bar in downtown Atlanta, Georgia—home to a staff made up entirely of ex-cons of one stripe or another—turns into something quite different when riled-up police detective Patrick Graves walks in. Bartender Jay Hinshaw recognizes Patrick’s leashed ferocity and offers him exactly what he thinks Patrick wants: an outlet for his pent-up frustration. But Patrick’s a complicated guy, and getting what he wants only scratches the surface of what he needs.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Get What You Need is close to pure erotica. There is a hint of a plot but mostly this novella is composed of three incredibly smoking hot sex scenes with a bit of character development thrown in to round out the story. This is not plot driven or character driven; in fact this is a vehicle for erotica. Now, that works since Janey Chapel can write great sex scenes. So be sure to get this one wanting titillation and not much else.

Ex-con turned bartender Jay is working a busy night at the bar when steely eyed cop Patrick stops by for a drink. The chemistry is instantaneous and the connection sizzles between the two with caught looks. Some after hours sex in the office gives both men exactly what they need and a repeat performance the next night is certainly not wasted. There is no happy ending though – be warned – there’s no HEA, or HFN. I will say the ending is perfect and fits the story and characters exactly. There is definitely hope that these two will get together but Chapel never seems to give any solid happy endings so this shouldn’t be too surprising for fans. She certainly makes up for it with hot, plentiful sex.

Now since we know the story is about sex, it works on all levels for that. The scenes are hot, filled with delicious tension and followed with scorching sex. One of the best things about this novella is that it’s not afraid to tease and build the sexual tension. It doesn’t simply go for the sex. The chemistry causes sparks to fly immediately and get the temperature rising followed by great sexual tension. The sex itself is hot, rough, tender, delicious, and so much fun to read.

The characters are good outlines with just enough depth and meaning they don’t feel empty. Jay has a background as an ex-con that’s changed his life after prison and the help of a good friend in Bryan. Jay has so much complexity that it’s only hinted at within the story and there is so much more that he could offer. Patrick plays an equally complicated vice cop struggling with his iron control and needing to be himself after hours. His no holds barred style to get the job done plays havoc on any tender mercies that he has and the great connection with Jay allows different sides of both men to show.

As stated there is no happy ending but that’s ok since there is more that these two have to say. I’d definitely expect a sequel, filled with even more great sex. The writing is easy, natural, and makes the story engaging to read from the beginning. Chapel knows how to create tension and write sex between complicated men without making the situation awkward or difficult. Instead it feels organic and wonderful in the best ways. There’s not much to the story but fans of good erotica between strong men will devour this steamy offering.

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3 thoughts on “Get What You Need by Janey Chapel

  1. Thanks for reading and reviewing my book, Kassa! I’m glad you found things to enjoy in it. πŸ™‚ I have no immediate plans for a sequel, though I’ve learned never to say never! πŸ™‚

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