Rain by L.A. Witt

RainRain by L.A. Witt

Sequel to Rules of Engagement

Brandon Stewart and Dustin Walker started dating two years ago after meeting in the local bar over a game of pool. Dustin has struggled to come out to his homophobic family and come clean about his relationship with Brandon, and now they’re planning to get married. Now, in a bid to fix broken ties, Dustin’s brother Tristan is trying to reconnect with him, which makes Brandon wonder if he, too, can mend fences with his own estranged brother. But is sixteen years of silence long enough for old wounds to heal?

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Rain is a very good HEA to the book Rules of Engagement. The first book ended abruptly with little to no resolution and no idea about the future for Brandon and Dustin. Rain skips ahead a few years showing the couple happy and settled and ready to be married. This kind of glosses over significant emotional issues but does give a solid ending that was sorely lacking. The highlight are the sex scenes, which are simply fun and entertaining to read, while giving the characters a chance to resolve family issues and end well.

Told from Brandon’s perspective now, he and Dustin are engaged to be married. They’ve been together for two years now and Dustin’s apparently gotten over his fear of being bisexual. It’s disappointing that this is simply skipped since it was a huge issue from the previous book but there are enough issues to go around. Now Dustin’s brother wants to mend fences with Dustin finally and this leaves Brandon wondering if he can reconcile with his own brother. The two brothers have different opinions on Brandon and Dustin’s relationship with two different outcomes.

The plot moves around Brandon as he helps Dustin and his brother, then confronts his own and ultimately how the men deal with the reactions. The story also gives the couple a feeling of strength that was lacking in the previous book. Whereas Dustin pretty much fell apart in the last half of RoE, now he shows much more maturity and emotional strength. He has come to terms with his decisions in a way that’s nice to see, even if we don’t see the struggle to get there. The relationships between both sets of brothers feels genuine and adds a good layer of tension to the story despite that the couple are never in danger of breaking up.

The writing is good but really the sex scenes are pretty creative and entertaining. They are sexy, hot, and fun to read in between the mild drama. Seeing an established couple deal with issues by leaning on each other and offering support without hours of dialogue is a nice change. These two just fit well and that makes the story fun to read. It’s just a quick novella to give a much needed happy ending but fans of RoE will definitely want to see these two ride off into the sunset.

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