Maverick Men: The True Story Behind the Videos by Cole Maverick

Maverick Men: The True Story Behind the VideosMaverick Men: The True Story Behind the Videos by Cole Maverick

n the most anticipated erotica title this year, the story of’s most popular porn couple is told by the two guys who lived it. Sparing no detail, the Maverick Men recount the steamy circumstances of how they met, fell in love, and transformed themselves from two regular guys into Internet celebrities. Along with hot sex and funny vignettes, we learn who these guys really are, and what their secret to success has been.

"The hottest, most exciting piece of erotica I’ve read in years. In the case of the Maverick Men, truth is much better than fiction." – Jonathan Crutchley, owner of

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I’d never heard of Maverick Men when I got this book in my email for review. Yet I’ve read a few porn star biographies and the hook caught my eye. Two normal guys, in love, become incredibly popular amateur porn stars on XTube. Plus the book is about a couple that are still together, which never seems to happen in porn star tell alls. The story sounds interesting and indeed, Maverick Men is very absorbing with an engaging storytelling manner. This is definitely likely to please fans of the couple, who go into depth about their experiences, fears, problems, set backs, triumphs, and behind the scenes of their videos. You come out at the end feeling as though you know Cole and Hunter; have been with them on their crazy journey and that these are just two guys trying to make a life together and having a ton of hot sex.

The narrative is told in alternating first person between Cole and Hunter. The story begins with Hunter unable to get over his casual relationship with Cole. Now four years later, the two reconnect with an accidental meeting that leads to something deeper. Cole is determined to keep Hunter this time and though Hunter is cautious, the two fall in love and move in together. Yet demanding work hours from both men mean they have little time together. What starts as a lark for Cole’s rather exhibitionist tendencies, becomes a real opportunity for Cole and Hunter to build a life together – as amateur porn stars.

The story follows the two from the time they’re back together and the reasoning behind their budding porn career. Both men emphasize heavily how they’re not into studio porn but want to film hot men having sex. At first it’s just the two of them but they soon bow (easily) to pressure to add more men to the mix. Yet the consistent theme throughout is how dedicated the two men are to each other. Although Cole is arguably the more aggressive and outgoing of the two – at least it comes across that way – he repeatedly affirms his love for Hunter.

There’s no doubt these two men love sex, love filming sex, and love having sex with other hot men. They’re not shy flowers forced into the spotlight so much as burst there with passion, determination, and drive. Yet their path hasn’t been easy and the setbacks and drama they’ve endured are all stepping stones. There is real emotion here, which is a testament to the author(s). The scene discovering the depths of Christo’s actions is moving. I felt for these men and the heartache they went through. Both Cole and Hunter come across as very genuine, caring, good men who love their new life.

Although I’ve never seen their videos or really ever cruised around XTube much, this story gives you a very good idea about what goes on. There is also no shortage of explicit, dirty, raw, and real sex between Cole and Hunter and the various men they meet. Fans of the couple are likely to greatly enjoy this look behind the scenes at how these two started. There are even links to videos that correspond with the stories. Many of the stories go more into depth about the different men they meet and connect with, all of which are available as video downloads on their site. So read how the videos came about and then you’re likely to want to see the videos themselves. Not to mention, the material is incredibly hot, erotic, and flat out sexy.

A few short years since first posting videos on Xtube, Cole and Hunter have created a massive following. They now make a living selling videos and have teamed up with recently. This accounting follows those few years of hard work, hot sex, and drive to become successful amateur porn stars. Their open, honest account is heartfelt and engaging, highly entertaining, and worth reading. The quote on the cover mentions truth being better than fiction. In this case, the Maverick Men succeed.

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