Wrestling with Desire by DH Starr

Wrestling with DesireTitle and Link: Wrestling with Desire
Author: DH Starr
Publisher URL: Featherweight Press
Genre: Young adult, non-erotic
Length: Novel/ 300 pages
Rating: 3 out of 5

A guest review by Kassa

Wrestling with Desire is a young adult coming of age story featuring sensitive, emotional teenagers exploring their sexuality. Now by this I mean the emotional and psychological impact of a first real relationship with raging hormones but not so much on screen sex. Considering their age and the genre, this isn’t too surprising and the two boys mostly kiss with a little groping and crotch shifting thrown in occasionally. This keeps the focus on the teenagers in their daily routines, which is both the strength and weakness of this novel. [contd]

Read the whole review over on Jessewave HERE or on Goodreads HERE!

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