Cookie for Kris

Kris over at Kris ‘n’ Gay Good Books is doing a series of posts on ratings on Goodreads. She’s slightly obsessed with the topic of how people rate and why they do it, if 1/2 stars are essential, if they ever change their mind, how those ratings are used, and oh yes.. there is more! She recently did a post on which reviewers are helpful to readers.

Thankfully this is not a high school popularity contest but instead has actually given me at least two new reviewers to look for/at. It’s nice to see the range and breadth offered by commenters. I encourage everyone to go check out the post, especially the comments, and see if there are a few new reviewers to add to your watch list.

However since Kris said such nice things about me (and I swear I didn’t even bribe her with my first born – which she wouldn’t want anyway – or my yaoi collection – since she no doubt has better) here’s a cookie for you Kris and for everyone on hump day…

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