What I like – Variety (yes, sex!)

One of the great things about two men is the inherent variety during sex. Now I know you’ll say the same is true of men and women together – and those with a great imagination, more power to you – but sexually or erotically speaking in fiction that imagination seems to be more evident in gay erotica.*

I love that the guys have all the standards options you see time and time again – hand, mouth, or ass – but then those often get employed in clever ways. Plus all the frottage! I truly didn’t know what I was missing ‘til the guys started rubbing all over each other. I don’t even need the greased oil image (actually no thanks). Two cocks together gives a perfect visual right there, thankyouverymuch.

I do love a good frott (frot?). Definitely something there isn’t enough of. I also like that sex seems to encompass so much more than just insert cock into ass, pump and cum. Sure those are the basics and who doesn’t love a great pump and dump scene. But I love that the erotica often extends beyond just that. There are truly numerous different ways that show sex and the happy, necessary cum scene without just being penetration.

This isn’t even getting into the comic sex or intense sex, the fabulous kinky sex (hehe), and so on. The basics have plenty variety all on their own. I personally find the variety among the basics just as interesting, and sometimes more so, than the wild and kinky scenes. When an author can deliver the same details hand, mouth, ass but keeps it interesting, sign me up. I’ll even read it twice. Or maybe more but that’s private.

So what about you? Do you love variety in your fictional sex scenes or do you want the same 1,2,3 insert cock 2 pump chump?

*Yes this is a generalization and no doubt everyone has a ton of examples to the contrary. Just sayin’ in my experience the guy-guy smexin’ is more creative than the guy-chick fucking. That’s all.

17 thoughts on “What I like – Variety (yes, sex!)

  1. Oh yes, variety if the spice of life and I now have your visual of guys rubbing and shimmying all over each other. Thanks for that. 🙂

    I think there are still some things in m/f that are considered naughty and only dirty girls do that. Anal for one. VERY few books I read in PNR had girls doing anal. I think people believe that nice girls don’t, and you want your reader to relate to the heroine, so you don’t go places you don’t think your reader would go. Whereas there is still this perception that boys are nasty creatures who do all sorts of depraved things, so if they AREN’T doing something incredibly spicy and naughty there is something wrong with them. 🙂

    For me, in-out-aaaahhh, works well for either showing no real emotional connection – just to get off, or combined with desperation as in there just isn’t time for more you need it NOW. But if I want to see the characters as being in love or having an emotional connection then I need more than just the basics, show some variety, try a different location, google positions on the internet. LOL It’s not like there’s a lack of “resource” material.

    • Kassa says:

      Very true! There are enough resources out there on the web to find some inspiration. I don’t mind the in-out-done scene if it has a purpose. If it’s a quickie or just a hot, rough scene. That’s all good. But I do so appreciate when it gets creative.

      I think that’s a very astute observation that in m/f anal is seen as dirty. I rarely (if ever) saw that in m/f and usually it was spanking or some borderline kink. Hell you see toys more than anal sex. But boys are dirty dirty anyway… *sigh* god bless them.

  2. Oh yes, variety is a wonderful thing. The writers I’ve found are the best storytellers seem to be able to keep the sex scenes interesting too. I think there needs to be a bit of conflict to make them really fascinating and not just seem like filler, though.

    I do appreciate it when writers can make their kinks original, rather than the same old stuff you see in so many other books. That’s always going to interest me – a good writer can convince me something is sexy even I’d never previously have thought so.

    I love a good, hard, desperate frot. Uh, in fiction, I mean… ;D

    One practice I don’t think I’ve ever read in m/m romance is cock docking – is it because most writers are American and you have a shortage of foreskins over there?

    • Tam says:

      you have a shortage of foreskins over there

      BWAHAHAHA I don’t find it very sexy, seems more of a “let’s see if we can really do this” but perhaps as you said, someone can make me think it’s sexy.

      • I bet someone like KA Mitchell could make it seem sexy. I know what you mean, though – it’s the reason I’ve never tried writing a cock docking scene, even though we’re swimming in foreskins over here…

        • Kassa says:

          I think foreskins are highly underutilized. In fact it’s rare to even find one in fiction, let alone anything going on with it. It reminds me of Bobby Michaels work and somehow I associate raunch with foreskin. Bad I know but he comes to mind as one of the few authors that tends to get creative with it.

          I’d love to see an author tackle a cock-docking scene. It can be incredibly sexy and hell I’ll read any kind of combination from a good author. Like you said, a good author can make it hot no matter what.

          I’d also love to see more piercings in non-bdsm related books.

          • Tam says:

            Oh le sigh. There can’t be too many piercings (well, okay, there can, but moderation in all things I say) and as you said, not just as some way for a dom to stake his claim.

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