Review: Breaking Logan’s Laws

Breaking Logan's Laws (Quinn Security, #4)Breaking Logan’s Laws by Cameron Dane
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Breaking Logan’s Laws is a pretty typical Dane book. Fans of the author should enjoy the story and over the top romance while the somewhat corny style of writing isn’t likely to bother familiar readers. The mystery is eclipsed by the exaggerated relationship which is unfortunate since it has all the elements of being engaging and intriguing. However, the men are cute and sweet together which makes the story fun to read. This is an easy, enjoyable story to read even if it runs a little long with too many repetitive sex scenes and not enough interest in the mystery portion.

The story features Logan and Nate from the previous Quinn books. You definitely don’t have to read the previous books to appreciate this one as the characters are peripheral at best in the other books. This time Logan and Nate are paired together on the case of a missing girl. Both men have been suppressing their desire for each other so being thrown together immediately sets sparks flying. Both Nate and Logan are distracted from the case due to their chemistry and when they finally get together, Logan is overcome with emotion and may not be able to fully commit.

The plot is pretty basic with a boy meets boy but doesn’t think they can have each other theme. The mystery portion is actually very good but unfortunately the focus is always on the sexual tension and romance portion. In fact so much so that the mystery is hard to connect to or care about. The various details are interesting and the final resolution pretty good but the characters are distracted by the tension and chemistry so they have frequent mental wanderings all focused on the sex they want to be having instead of figuring out the mystery. The romance is definitely the most important part with the missing girl case a very distant third or fourth in importance. This keeps the mystery disconnected and almost unimportant. It’s what keeps the characters and story moving along but the focus is solidly on the relationship and sex.

There is also a lot of sex in this book. Definitely something to please Dane fans but I found my attention wandering some. Part of this is that I find the erotica writing to be so exaggerated, over the top, and rather corny that I don’t find it that sexy or interesting. The prose tends to use “channel” “chute” “rectum” “fluttering passage” during the sex scenes which always yanks me out of the story with a cringe. Likewise phrases such as “fiery spasms stole control of Nate’s chute” or “Nate squeezed every muscle inside or near his ass, so damn hard he thought he stamped the shape of Logan’s penis into his rectal walls.”

Additionally the emotions tend to be over the top and exaggerated. The love is always so deep its unimaginable while the pain is unfathomable and the pleasure bottomless and endless. Everything is heightened and exaggerated to extremes, especially during the scenes where Nate and Logan declare their love and devotion. This is definitely romantic to be sure but it edges into corny for me somewhat with all the repetition. The various sex scenes feel too similar and Logan’s commitment problem feels played out several times in what feel like identical scenes. This isn’t so bad you want to throw the book but it does slow down the pace and take away some interest in the story.

The main characters are nicely fleshed out and very cute together. They have tons of chemistry and play off each other in sweet ways. It’s too sweet sometimes for me and the melodramatic tone to their emotions makes it hard to connect to them. However for those readers who enjoy a more dramatic love affair to their romance probably won’t mind. I do like Dane’s books and this one fits well with her backlist so fans will want to get this one. Personal taste varies on if BLL’s will be a favorite but the couple is worth reading.

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6 thoughts on “Review: Breaking Logan’s Laws

  1. Hmm. I think I’ve only read one story by this author. Not certain, however as someone who tends NOT to suffer from extremes of emotion, I find it a bit eye-rolling when others do. Settle down people, settle down, it’s just love. 🙂 (Cynic much?)

    • Kassa says:

      haha I know the feeling. I don’t mind an intense, love is everything kind of romance but for me that intensity means more if it’s not used constantly. Then it becomes a bit eye rolling and ridiculous.

  2. Hi Kassa,
    As usual I’m a bit milder than you in my rating but also as usual I agree with most of your points, lol. Only they didn’t bother me as much I guess. But the sex scenes were too much for me too, they could’ve been shorter and much better dosed. Still, I rather enjoyed this story and its likeable couple.

    • Kassa says:

      I do like this couple and honestly I usually buy Dane’s books as they’re easy to read with good couples. I really do like this pairing, even given the exaggeration, but I wish there had been more mystery. I thought the mystery was very interesting with a really good ending but unfortunately I wanted more focus on that and less on the relationship (shocking I know).

      Still like you said, an enjoyable story and nice couple.

    • I know! That’s very typical of Dane though. She includes that writing no matter what anyone says so I know to expect it but I do have to warn anyone new because it’s ridiculous.

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