Review: The Untold Want

The Untold WantThe Untold Want by Catt Ford
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Untold Want is a nice, well written romance filled with interesting characters and some very nice diversity. Catt Ford always delivers satisfying stories and Untold Want is more of the same with some nice texture and situations, yet remaining a light easy read. Some of the conflict and tension is too easily resolved which negates the intended impact but overall this is an easy story to recommend for those looking for a classic plot with engaging characters.

The plot revolves around newly divorced financial expert Myles. While at a gallery to buy art for his new office Myles discovers that his first childhood love is an artist now. The two men reconnect and though Myles is in denial about his sexual orientation, the chemistry between the two can’t be stopped. Davion gives Myles hope for the future and something to fight for, forcing Myles to take stock of his life and choices.

The story follows pretty familiar lines from start to finish but diverges with some interesting characters. Both Myles and Davion are black, a choice rarely seen in this genre so adding in hints of the culture, dialogue, and relationships makes for nice texture among a very familiar story. Myles shines as a confused, closeted man that is aware of his longings and desires but firmly believes they shouldn’t exist. He’s used to ignoring and tamping down that side of his personality. He’s highly motivated by parental approval and fears his mother’s disappointment more than anything else.

Davion is less well developed due to the focus on Myles. As the third person narrator, Myles’ struggle and conflict – both internal and external – drives the story. He’s the star and his desire for Davion is a motivating factor but Davion’s thoughts and desires are less developed. However, the chemistry between Myles and Davion sparks immediately and never stops. There are a lot of sex scenes but these are integral to how and why Myles makes his decisions. In some ways this feels too easy and too close to sex curing all problems. I’m not sure I really believe that after 40 years of hiding and denying his nature that the choices Myles makes are true and as easy as they seem to come. It’s a nice idea and certainly romantic but a little too easy for me.

Similarly the conflict with Myles’ family is a little too easy. The tension is well set up and extremely believable, the dialogue and setting all combine to offer a realistic look at someone struggling to find himself and what that means. So it’s unfortunate that the resolutions come off so easy and flat. I honestly just expected more from all the inherent conflict and even the unspoken tension. That’s not to say the story is bad, just remains light and without the intense impact the story seems to be striving for.

Overall I’d still recommend this story because it’s interesting, fun to read and keeps your attention. The story is well suited to the shorter novella length but I wish the ending and resolutions hadn’t been so easy and light. However each reader is different so decide for yourself.

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