Let’s play predict the trend…

So last week I asked if kinky was the new black. Now at the time BDSM got mixed up with kinky which is a bit of a misnomer. While BDSM tends to be kinky, kinky doesn’t always mean BDSM. Just so we’re clear on all of that!

But moving on … what’s going to be the new trend in m/m do you think? We all love this genre, we read it, write it, devour it, discuss it and take it apart in incredibly minute detail. So we must have some kind of insight in what will become the next big thing right?

Do you think it’ll be the marriage of convenience like Jenre talks about here. Or perhaps infidelity will become the new talked about taboo subject or will we see an increase in rapes in romance? Will the new favorite trend be astral projection (as I’ve read 2 books and seen a movie on it all within the same month). I’ve heard rumblings about more virgins in fiction. Will the big condom debate of last year fade away into “who cares?”

We will always have the classic favorites that never go out of style: werewolves, friends to lovers, buckets of angst, and the 1-2-3 finger sex with handy towels which will never leave. But what do you think the next “big” thing will be in gay fiction?

18 thoughts on “Let’s play predict the trend…

  1. Tam says:

    I kind of hope vampires make a come back. Haven’t had many of those in a long while.

    I’m thinking toys for vanilla couples. We keep going “more toys and not just in dungeons” so maybe some authors will listen and realize that you don’t need to wear leather and use a whip to also use a butt plug.

    Maybe as more states allow gay marriage there will be more happy endings that include a walk down the aisle, similar to m/f romance. Mind you, at the rate you guys are going that could be a LONG time down the road.

  2. I hope we don’t see any more books with the marriage of convenience :).

    I’m always completely clueless about these things. I’m hoping that we will get a wider variety in the setting – and that the settings start to move away from ‘generic US city/town’ to something more specific. I know it means more research for the author, so maybe this isn’t something that will happen. Still, it would be nice to read a book set somewhere a little more exotic on occasion.

    I’ll put a second vote in for vampires too. I miss them :(. Mind you, if that does happen we’ll all be moaning about there being too many vampire books, lol!

    • Oh the more distinct setting – yes! I think that happens as authors are more comfortable being obvious about their setting vs. the vague “somewhere in the us” one.

      Vamps are tricky.. they get popular then wane then get popular again. So I think we’re due for an upswing!

  3. I’d like cyborgs. Not sure if anyone else would, but I bet they’ve got some great opportunity for kinks what with all those add on bits and pieces. Oh, and more toe-sucking.

    In terms of what I think might actually happen, I do think authors are getting more adventurous with settings – I certainly know Brit authors who have previously set things in the US are starting to experiment with UK settings. Beyond that, your guess is probably much better than mine.

    I still want those toe-sucking scenes, though, even if they will make Tam feel sick ;P

    • Tam says:

      Yes, you had me grimacing and wincing. Evil evil woman. Amber Allure better have a tag for that. LOL They have about million other ones. I don’t want to get a nasty toe surprise while reading. 😛

      • Hehe! Now you’re just being picky, trying to tag my lovely feet. You never know, you might like it, written well enough. I’m not talking cheesy feet straight out of sweaty trainers necessarily (although that’s something I will happily read!) – I can go for carefully washed and powdered and sanitised. The kind of toes you wouldn’t have second thoughts about sticking your tongue between ;D

    • I agree, it is getting better with more authors prepared to stick their necks out and be specific with setting. Especially the Brits who I get the impression were not wholly happy at having their Britishness ironed out by US publishers. But I’m hoping this is just be the start of it and more overseas settings will begin to creep in.

    • Speaking of cyborgs.. have you read Circlet Press’ cyborg anthology? Very sexy (surprisingly so!)

      I’m all for more kinds of fetishes. Bring ’em on!

  4. Ingrid says:

    One thing certainly lacking are good GFY stories. Or I must have missed them all.

    Do women’s undies count as toys? I was reading Taste last week and it had those in it. I still don’t know what to think of it. Btw what is so special about “european” undies???

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