Review: Paris A to Z

Paris A to Z (Coda Books, #6)Paris A to Z by Marie Sexton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I want to be sad that a fabulous series (Coda Books) has ended but the concluding novella, Paris A to Z, wraps everything and everyone up so well that I feel satisfied and happy. The story could have been longer and had more Jonathan and Cole but really that’s just getting greedy since the story is nearly pitch perfect in offering solid happy endings to everyone. In some ways the various arc are the inevitable conclusions to the growth that each character has over the course of the series. Angelo and Zach grow the most but then again they had the most tenuous and perhaps out there relationship. In the end there’s no doubt everyone is happy and with their intended soul mates.

The plot this time around centers on Cole and Jonathan’s Paris wedding. Cole has flown everyone over to celebrate their love and it’s caused some old wounds in everyone to be pricked. Matt can’t get over his irrational jealousy of Cole whenever Jared and Cole are together while Zacc is still dealing with repressed feelings of loss and guilt over the end of his relationship with Jonathan so long ago. Zacc is worried about Angelo, while the later is trying to show his love and devotion to Zacc without scaring either of them. Cole is up to his usual tricks and ways while Jared is just laughing at them all.

The six men have a very complicated and interwoven relationship. You can’t read this on its own and should ideally read the series in order before even attempting this one. The ins and outs of the various partnerships can be confusing and this is highlighted in a gently amusing lunch scene where Cole and Angelo highlight how everyone has slept with (nearly) everyone and the tangled web of how everyone connects. This is important to show how sex is treated differently between the various men. For some it’s easy and nearly meaningless while others place more importance and reverence on the act. The goal is that regardless of who has slept with who the connection and friendship between the men is what holds them all together.

Jared and Matt have a nice, very sexy arc. Matt must let go of his irrational jealousy and finally understand the long standing friendship Jared and Cole have regardless of their casual sex past. Matt finally comes to terms with this but it’s a process and eventually allows Matt and Jared to grow closer. Perhaps even a more active sex life, which is not only hot but about time. Likewise Angelo and Zacc have definitely advanced their relationship although their change is more obvious. Zacc has come into his own with more of a dominant role that is hard to grasp. It’s definitely foreshadowed in previous books but the time line leaps ahead years from the last time we saw these two so the opening scene between Zacc, Angelo and someone else doesn’t necessarily work with how they’d be left in the series. I can see the progression but it’s still a bit jarring and a leap. Regardless though, the two have come a long way as Zacc lets go of his past and Angelo fully embraces his future.

Jonathan and Cole are given the least attention as the narrators alternate between Zacc and Matt without either Jon or Cole given their own thoughts. This keeps the two part of the group but without any significant progression. It’s not bad and they went through a lot in their own book so these two didn’t need the closure as much as the other couples so I couldn’t complain. I’m sure those fans that love Cole/Jonathan may want more but it’s a nice, happy ending for them as well as everyone else. Not to mention plenty of hot sex and sexual tension.

Overall this is a very good ending to a wonderful series. It satisfies and resolves any lingering issues to leave the couples riding happily into the sunset with the right soul mates. Love conquers all but it’s a great journey. Definitely pick this up if you’ve been following the series but start at the beginning if you haven’t (and why haven’t you? Really…)

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5 thoughts on “Review: Paris A to Z

  1. Excellent – I’m really looking forward to reading this one! I’m perfectly happy with there being less of Cole and Jonathan as I never warmed to them like I did with the others (especially Zack and Angelo).

    It’s good to know that all the loose ends are tied up and that the boys can all be friends 🙂

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