Review: Bound Forever

Bound Forever (Bound, #3)Bound Forever by Ava March
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bound Forever is the third and final installment of the Bound trilogy from Ava March. The first book enchants while the second disappoints somewhat so I’m thrilled the third book delights and satisfies. The couple has come a long way over the course of the series and you’ll definitely want to read the books in order to understand the progression of their relationship and the characters themselves. They’re all short novellas with scorching hot sex so it’s no hardship. The final story is romantic, emotional, and ends the series extremely well with a HEA that will definitely please fans.

The story in the third novella is very character driven. Oliver and Vincent are finally in a good place together where they are happy and in love. They can actually vocalize their love, which is more than they could ever do before. Oliver is finally feeling secure in Vincent’s emotions as Vincent is no longer the cold, unfeeling man who pretty much used Oliver for sex alone. Now they’re committed, together, and finally seeing a glimpse of the future. They have a few remaining issues to work out, both Oliver and Vincent have needs and quirks to their personalities that cause a few heated disagreements and fears, but they finally see what their future together looks like.

Vincent and Oliver as a couple and individuals have grown quite a bit over the series. In this last novella Oliver especially emerges as a confident, sexy man. He’s very different from the needy, almost clinging and whining man he came off as in the previous novella. Now that he’s secure in Vincent’s emotions, he hears them, sees them, experiences them, Oliver feels free to push their boundaries a little and wants more. This change in Oliver is wonderful and nice to see that he’s truly blossomed into a man on his own. He has his own issues and tends to prickle and get his back up whenever he perceives Vincent is domineering or condescending, but Oliver is finally not afraid to voice his own concerns and stand up for himself (almost too much).

On the flip side Vincent is much more inviting and the readers get to see his vulnerability. For two books Vincent has been coldly in control, almost calculating so it’s nice to see that he’s concerned and careful about Oliver. He’s no longer the manipulating, selfless man but he’s grown to include Oliver in his life and need him. The couple is definitely in love and the quiet touches show this even more so than the incredibly hot and delicious sex scenes. March never skimps on the erotica and this novella is no exception, but it never overwhelms and simply sets the backdrop for a passionate couple.

The series as a whole is entertaining and this final novella is the best of the three. It’s well written, interesting, a touch dramatic, emotional, and intensely satisfying. Oliver and Vincent get the HEA they so richly deserve and they’ve finally grown into a couple that you believe can last very happily. Onto the next great couple from March.

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