Review: His Client #1 & 2 by Ava March … Meh, more of the same

His Client (His Client, #1)His Client by Ava March

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ava March’s regency mm books are always easy and enjoyable to read. His Client takes a familiar and classic framework and gives it a happy ending with a small taste of kink along the way. Jasper is a hooker in love with his client, Nate. Nate visits Jasper as a way to have sex but also lament his long standing infatuation with his straight best friend. When said best friend gets married Jasper is beyond exasperated by Nate’s despondency. Despite efforts to get Nate to see that Jasper is in love with him, Nate refuses to see the truth. Thus Jasper leaves the whoring life, forcing Nate to follow and see the truth.

The story is fun, quick, and enjoyable. It’s clear Nate and Jasper are well suited with a small bit of kink and role playing thrown in for some extra spice. It’s not much and I doubt anyone will be bothered by the inclusion since the main thrust of the story is all about the two men’s inability to recognize each other’s feelings. They of course work things out well in the end with a satisfying resolution. For such a fast read this novella was delightful and another solid March book. Easily recommended for both fans of the author and those new to her work.

His Request (His Client, #2)His Request by Ava March

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a free follow-up to His Client and it includes a roleplaying sex scene – doctor and patient hehe – and some nice progression in the main couple’s romantic relationship. It’s as well written as any of March’s books and the fact that it’s free is a surprising but nice bonus. It shows the couple very happy and well equipped to have a happy ending while communicating about their various needs. It’s one of the few follow ups that makes me feel as though the couple really could live HEA.

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Review: Convincing Leopold

Convincing Leopold
Convincing Leopold by Ava March
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Convincing Leopold is a decent sequel to Convincing Arthur. You should really read the first book to fully appreciate the main couple and their relationship but I found that the same frustrations I had with the first book are still present in this sequel. It’s an easy novella to read and March is a good writer but my main annoyance is with Arthur and those issues aren’t solved in the sequel. If you’ve read the first book and quite liked the couple, definitely continue with this one. Other March fans are also likely to enjoy the familiar tropes and writing that make a smooth, albeit delightfully steamy regency read. Continue reading

Review: Bound Forever

Bound Forever (Bound, #3)Bound Forever by Ava March
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bound Forever is the third and final installment of the Bound trilogy from Ava March. The first book enchants while the second disappoints somewhat so I’m thrilled the third book delights and satisfies. The couple has come a long way over the course of the series and you’ll definitely want to read the books in order to understand the progression of their relationship and the characters themselves. They’re all short novellas with scorching hot sex so it’s no hardship. The final story is romantic, emotional, and ends the series extremely well with a HEA that will definitely please fans. Continue reading

Review: Beyond Reckless

Beyond RecklessBeyond Reckless by Ava March
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As most have said this is a short, but smoking hot story. Ava March writes absolutely delicious regency romances and this short offering is no different. We’re introduced to Rhys, a young man on this 25th birthday about to come into a large inheritance. He has a thirst for adrenaline and risk, thus his sexual appetite. He meets his lover Martin for a quick, BDSM flavored tryst at a ball.

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Bareback by Amber Green & From Afar by Ava March

Bareback (The Huntsmen, #2)Bareback by Amber Green

Bare is back without brother. Brian is a huntsman, born a twin warrior, but his brother died at birth. All attempts to pair him with other untwinned boys proved ill-fated; he grew up bareback, a solo, a jinx. Determined to make his own way outside his overprotective family, he moves to a town that used to be very comfortable as the belly-button of nowhere, isolated amid the wetlands and cattle country of central Florida. Sexually facile, Brian anticipates no real difficulty finding a feeder to keep him brimming with the sexual and emotional energies a huntsman must feed on to remain human. He finds Joe.

Joe’s a straight-up straight cop standing fast in the moral heart of that once-small town. He’s well-liked and well-respected, tolerant of the weaknesses of other people (except in his own family) and oblivious to the danger at the heart of his police force. When the dark side of the police — a band of vigilantes gone pure outlaw — meets the dark side of the huntsmen — hydes who have lost their humanity and now feed on the terror and pain of their victims — Joe has to decide what price he’ll pay to save the innocent.

Huntsmen, hydes, and humans! In the blood-drenched, condo-cluttered Florida landscape, a hero takes a stand, and a man loves a man.

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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