Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl wrap up

It’s done! The month (plus) long Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl is officially done! Did you all enjoy it as much as I did? I got behind a little bit with the craziness of my life lately but I managed to catch up and read all the letters. I also added blogs to my ever over-crowded google reader because some are just that much fun. I do especially like Alpha Reader’s total paranormal kick with some truly incredible covers. It makes me want to read that genre again. Also if you haven’t checked out the letters, you really should because the blogs themselves are beautiful, articulate, and eye catching with tons of content.

I know people can get busy and start to forget but I really encourage everyone to check out these blogs, especially the letters to the authors. There are a ton of new authors and gems just waiting to be found by readers. Many of the authors featured were ones I’d read but stopped reading and it just reminded me that for every author I burn out on, there’s another reader that adores them. So that author that’s new to me may be the next one I can’t get enough of.

We had 34 blogs participating with letters to 36 authors! HERE is the final list of all participating blogs and their author choices. If you haven’t read them all, I urge you to do so! (Can I say that anymore times? Drinking game time…) The letters vary from funny to witty to heartfelt. Some readers talk about how a particular author and books really helped them or changed their lives. Others talk about what a relief it is to have such great alternate worlds to sink into. Yet others believe in romance because of these books. There is no end to inspiration and great new introductions.

Thank you to all the participating blogs and a HUGE thank you to the authors and books that make all of this possible.

Until next year… read well!

8 thoughts on “Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl wrap up

  1. Thank you, Kassa, for organising this again this year. I’m hoping to catch up and check out all the letters over the weekend. πŸ˜€

  2. Belatedly, but still very heartfelt, THANK YOU so much for organizing Kassa! I’ve missed a couple of letters at the end of the crawl, which I’m hoping to check out now – it’s been so much fun and I’ve met some amazing bloggers and authors πŸ™‚

    • You’re welcome and thank you! I know everyone is super busy so thank you for taking the time to participate and going on the blog crawl. Hopefully you’re not too overloaded in books πŸ˜€

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