Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl – the last one!

It’s finally my turn to wrap up this month (plus) long blog crawl. It’s been incredible so far with so many wonderful authors highlighted and if you’ve been anything like me your wallet may not have appreciated this so much. If you’ve missed any letters, I’ll be doing a wrap up tomorrow or you can go backwards from me to Marie Sexton and so on!

I waffled over whom to write to, there are so many deserving authors. So many books that touched me or slid permanently onto the keeper shelf, it’s so hard to choose. In the end it was surprisingly easy as I looked over to my “new” keeper shelf and one author leapt out numerous times.

Dear Ginn Hale,

During this blog crawl a lot of exceedingly productive and talented authors have been highlighted. These authors have dozens, if not hundreds of books to their name. While there’s no question your talent ranks among these featured authors – and in my humble, obviously biased opinion exceeds them of course – the number of books doesn’t always compare. I recently lent your books to a friend of mine who said “but I want more!” Your backlist may seem small compared to some authors but the quality is unsurpassed. I willingly and patiently (kind of) wait for your next book or story or series, knowing it’ll be fabulous. You haven’t let me down yet and knowing that the quality of your stories is so high helps curb my impatience for more(!).

When I read the White Hell books earlier, they instantly became my favorite books of the year. The character depth and rich world are so lush and simply incredible. This level of imagination and detail is present in all of your works. There is nothing quick or shoddy about your work but instead it’s carefully tended and the results are stunning. The intricate plots and complicated characters definitely draw me into the stories but it’s really your creativity that keeps me there. No matter what I’m reading you’ve managed to build an entirely new and fascinating world. It’s never easy and never simple, instead it’s messy and flawed and meaty (kind of like your great men).

In many ways I’m a typical reader. I want the guys to have hot sex all over the place while being deliriously almost medically-induced happy without too many problems, though a little (or a lot) of angst can make the ending that much sweeter. Yet at the same time I’m fickle, capricious, and prone to whims like all readers. What impresses me the most about your writing and your stories is your bravery in the face of fickle, changing readers. It feels as though you never let expectations or reader wants drive you. Your stories are bold, intricate, complicated, innovated, and strong. You don’t try to coax readers to love your work, but instead those that do, do so with a passion.

Your stories step out of the known safe areas and fling themselves time and again off the cliff into uncertainly. Expected actions rarely occur and it’s nearly impossible to predict the various twists, turns, machinations and manipulations that will happen in any of your stories. I thrive off this feeling of uncertainly and danger in your stories. I can trust that you won’t go too far but if you do, there’s a good reason. It’s so easy to lose trust in a favorite author and thankfully I’ve yet to do that with you. I truly hope I never do. While I may never know exactly where a story is going, I do know they will change how I think and feel. These cherished books have a seat of honor in my home – they’re in a stack closest to the door between Dune and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – ready to be snatch in case of a fire.

So thank you Ginn Hale for your extraordinary work and for being one of the few literary touchstones I rely upon. Although with all due respect unlike some I don’t want to have your babies. I’ll settle for your fictional children.


18 thoughts on “Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl – the last one!

  1. Tam says:

    Beautiful letter Kassa. I have not read a lot of Ginn’s work, but I have the Lords of the White Hell (autographed – squee) waiting for me. Hopefully on vacation this summer I can get to them. I am enjoying the serial and loved Wicked Gentlemen. I am still trying to convince my daughter to read it. I think she’d enjoy it. (Instead she’s reading Wuthering Heights for her English AP class next year – boring. LOL)

    I also had the pleasure of meeting Ginn in person in San Francisco at Yaoi Con last October. She is gracious and funny and was lovely to meet, and wonderful to fans. A most excellent choice for the final letter. I can’t believe it’s over already?

    • Kassa says:

      Omg you have an autographed copy! *so jealous* You should really get to them because they are (IMHO) some of Hale’s best work. I quite like Rifter and loved WG but White Hell duo are truly incredible.

      Well at least Sean Kennedy will be happy your daughter is reading Wuthering Heights. I feel for her.

      I can’t believe it’s over already! Thankfully I think it was a huge success.

    • Kassa says:

      Omg you stopped after #1?! How! It’s a cliffhanger, which I usually hate but I can’t bring myself to say anything negative about such revered books.

      Go now, get thee to #2!

  2. Great letter, Kassa! I haven’t read much of Ginn’s work, either, although I have quite a bit of it on hand. I need to get going on that!

    • Kassa says:

      Well I’ve been told some don’t like it but then again I think those people are on drugs. So I can safely say read away : D. If you like fantasy… but it’s great fantasy!

  3. Amanda says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Ginn Hale is amazing. The world building she does is so complete and engrossing, a reader can’t help to be drawn in. It was actually a review of yours that got me to buy the White Hell books(in actual book form because there were not out in ebook then), so thank you for introducing me to such an amazing author.

    I also want to thank you and all your fellow participants in the blog crawl. As I read the letters I found a great deal of diversity among the author’s chosen. Some letters were funny and some letters were touching but they were all heartfelt and enjoyable to read. Of course they have now added to my TBR pile( which might or might not be a good thing) and as an avid reader I want to thank you all for your hard work. Its been wonderful reading.

    • Kassa says:

      Oh really?! *squee* I’m so happy! Not only that my review helped but that you really enjoyed it as much as I did. Check out her Rifter series and definitely Wicked Gentlemen, both good works.

      Thank you for playing along and reading the letters! I agree that like you my TBR is full, varied, and pretty extensive. As if it wasn’t before but even more so now. Sometimes I get into an m/m rut where that’s all I read so it was truly delightful to read all the various blogs, different in their own right and reading preferences, remind me of old favorites and new potentials. Though my wallet is crying, my reading is pretty happy!

  4. “Although with all due respect unlike some I don’t want to have your babies.” LMAO!
    I have heard wonderful things about this author. Even the reviewers who don’t seem to like anything, like this author. Wonderful letter Kassa!

  5. Hi Kassa – Great letter! I’ve been so busy the last week and a half that I haven’t had a chance to even look at the more recent fan letters (bad Kaetrin! – I will rectify I promise). I haven’t read any Ginn Hale but I’ve heard such wonderful things about her work. It’s fantasy with a strong romantic element – m/m, yes? There is HEA? If so, I’m thinking I’m going to have to try this author – and soon. 🙂

    • Kassa says:

      Yes to both questions. In the White Hell books (two of them), the first book ends on a cliffhanger but there is a HEA after the second book.

  6. “Your stories step out of the known safe areas and fling themselves time and again off the cliff into uncertainly.”

    Perfect, Kassa. I couldn’t agree more. Ginn’s work is amazing.

    Don’t think I didn’t notice that little stab at the end, though. *sociopathicrainbowtroutstareofdeath*

  7. Great letter! I have not yet read Ginn Hale’s work but it has been recommended to me and I plan to read White Hell soon.
    (I love where you keep them and why, lol).

    Thanks for organizing the author appreciation blog crawl – I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it!

    • Thank you for your great contribution!

      I know everyone is super busy but I highly suggest Ginn Hale. She’s worth taking the time but then again.. I’m biased 😀

  8. Fantastic letter Kassa and I totally agree – Ginn Hale’s books are amazing. As soon as I finished Lord of the White Hell (Books I and II) I raced to Ginn Hale’s LJ in the hope there would be more books set in the at world..and about one particular secondary character 🙂

    I’m currently stalking my Inbox waiting for Part V of The Rifter…

    • Which secondary character did you love? It’s so hard for me to choose but I do hope there are more books in that ‘verse. I mean the Rifter is great and all but more White Hell please!

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