Review: Modeling Death

Modeling Death
Modeling Death by Amber Kell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’ve read several Amber Kell stories and I consider them to be easy to read popcorn reads. I tend to forget the stories very easily (sometimes while reading) but most of the time they are interesting enough fluff when you’re in the mood for something simple, easy, with lots of hot sex. Modeling Death is along those lines but attempts to be something more involved too. That didn’t work as well for me this time unfortunately since the story line is kind of silly and the ending utterly ridiculous. The romantic connection between the protagonists is totally rushed, zero to married in a few hours, and the characters are over the top perfect in every way so it’s hard to really connect and care about them. As an easy, forgettable read, it’s not bad.

Jacob is a top male model, traveling the world and working constantly. He’s in New York for a few weeks, staying with his cousin, and immediately runs into a gorgeous, growly man. Though he attempts to turn down said man, Guy isn’t anywhere. Guy’s determined to make Jacob realize they’re fated mates and nothing’s going to stop him.

The story starts with model Jacob describing how perfect he is. This is pretty appropriate since the novella reminds readers constantly how amazing, wonderful, stunning, beautiful, kind, charming, and practically glowing Jacob is. Don’t forget that Jacob is very laid back and accepting of all of this; he’s not arrogant or egotistical due to his good fortune. Instead he has a very rational and mature explanation for why none of the numerous and constant accolades go to his head. He’s in essence the absolutely perfect person and the story never tries to change that.

This is one reason I think of such stories as popcorn or fluff reads. The main protagonists are pretty thin and shallowly developed. There isn’t a lot of nuance or depth to either man. Jacob and Guy share narrating duties but the focus is firmly on Jacob. There’s not much to Guy except he’s rich, handsome, growly, and instantly possessive of Jacob. The romantic connection is instant and moves along incredibly quickly so there is no real build up to their love. They’re just fated mates and that’s the end of any issue or question there.

The plot about some nameless person killing models is also pretty thin and weakly developed. The end culprit is obvious and ridiculous. Likewise the writing has some problems. The descriptive quality is pretty low and there are several editing mistakes. The dialogue tends to be very simplistic and repetitive while the characters don’t have much purpose to their actions. Now having said all of that you’re not reading this for a well written, compelling story. It excels in being an easy to read, relatively fun light story. This is one of the stories I reach for when I want something totally uncomplicated and forgettable but easy to read. The chemistry is hot and the characters are familiar and have a very classic dynamic while the pace is quick enough the novella literally flies by.

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