Review: Modeling Death

Modeling Death
Modeling Death by Amber Kell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’ve read several Amber Kell stories and I consider them to be easy to read popcorn reads. I tend to forget the stories very easily (sometimes while reading) but most of the time they are interesting enough fluff when you’re in the mood for something simple, easy, with lots of hot sex. Modeling Death is along those lines but attempts to be something more involved too. That didn’t work as well for me this time unfortunately since the story line is kind of silly and the ending utterly ridiculous. The romantic connection between the protagonists is totally rushed, zero to married in a few hours, and the characters are over the top perfect in every way so it’s hard to really connect and care about them. As an easy, forgettable read, it’s not bad. Continue reading

Review: A Prideful Mate

A Prideful Mate (Supernatural Mates, #2)A Prideful Mate by Amber Kell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I usually consider Amber Kell to be popcorn reading. It’s not necessarily well written but the sex scenes are hot and the situations interesting enough for the short story. There are always editing problems but this has gotten better over time. Unfortunately this new shifter series is so rushed there is nothing tangible to the stories. The second book has a couple of sex scenes, a psycho human that hates shifter, a new insta-romance/love, and even pride dynamics thrown in. There is so much that nothing is given any credibility or weight and the entire story is pretty silly.

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