Review: A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal
A Modest Proposal by Felicitas Ivey
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A Modest Proposal is an easy to read, light erotica tale. It has a touch of D/s, lots of sex and a thin plot mainly as a vehicle to turn pages and have more sex. It’s a fun enough read for something empty but satisfying – if you’re looking for a lot of sex and a little bit of futuristic yaoi world building to round it out. It’s not really that memorable or interesting for me but it’s a decent read and hits the spot for those wanting more erotica than romance.

The plot is somewhat thin and mainly serves as an excuse to have sex, sex, and more sex between the characters and a possible sequel. The world building is pretty ambitious but at the same time lacking since there are just enough details. We get an idea of the world or galaxy of futuristic worlds but not enough specific details. For the purpose of the novella, this isn’t a huge problem since the focus is on erotica and less on a complex, well developed plot and world building. Instead there are enough details to likely keep the readers’ interest in between the bouts of light D/s sex.

If someone is looking for erotica without much romance, then this is where aMP shines. The sex is plentiful and pretty much the same. Hager is the rough top and Shibito the eager, slutty bottom. The tone and frequency of the scenes tend to remain the same throughout as Hager uses Shibito over and over and over again, to both men’s delight. The scenes are definitely fantasy as there are no real world concerns so the two men can go at it rough constantly and repeatedly. The author knows how to write entertaining scenes, though they do get a bit repetitive since the logistics and positions rarely change.

The thin plot about Shibito’s powers and his corrupt emperor cousin are interesting enough. They provide a nice backdrop to the frequent sex and also give an open ending, likely pointing to a sequel. There’s not enough information or development here to really make these element of the story pop or grasp the reader too much. The main focus is clearly the sex and developing emotions from the sex so everything else is background at best.

It’s not a bad story for erotica with more plot than the average D/s sex-fest.

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