Review: A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal
A Modest Proposal by Felicitas Ivey
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A Modest Proposal is an easy to read, light erotica tale. It has a touch of D/s, lots of sex and a thin plot mainly as a vehicle to turn pages and have more sex. It’s a fun enough read for something empty but satisfying – if you’re looking for a lot of sex and a little bit of futuristic yaoi world building to round it out. It’s not really that memorable or interesting for me but it’s a decent read and hits the spot for those wanting more erotica than romance. Continue reading

Company Man by Felicitas Ivey

Company Man Company Man by Felicitas Ivey

Shaku Suihana doesn’t remember more than the last twelve years of his life. All he knows is that he is a Company Man, a cold and efficient assassin called in to do jobs without question.

His newest assignment is more inexplicable than most, starting with meeting Úlfur, who thinks Shaku is a man named Shiro—a man who disappeared twelve years ago. When the Company tries to kill Úlfur, it sends Shaku into a tailspin… especially when Úlfur is magically transformed into Leif, a beautiful, younger man who Shaku feels drawn to protect.

Shaku is tired of being in the dark about who he is, but he can’t bear the thought of putting Leif in danger to find out. He decides they should run as far and as fast as from the Company as they can. It’s when he meets a mysterious sensei who ignites both his and Leif’s passions that Shaku realizes his miscalculation: the Company Man might not be the greatest danger around.

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

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