New member of the zoo…

shark-cartoon-27So it’s been a while since I did an update. Life is really quite good but busy lately.

I’ve finally found my groove with reading and reviewing – reviewing less, reading more outside of m/m – and though I wish I reviewed more, I’m only reviewing those books where the review practically writes itself in my head as I’m reading. I’ve struggled a bit with m/m as it seems all the books feel the same. There’s less of a surprise element and more of “haven’t I already read this” that comes to mind. There’s something to be said about staying within a comfortable genre and that includes the tropes that make such things popular (more on this topic later).. but suffice it to say, I’m still chugging away with the genre.

In between reading I’ve been quite busy.

I’m running a half marathon in about 2 weeks and a marathon in a few months. Crazy I know. I even question my own sanity. Running has kind of taken over my life. It’s a huge time commitment and anyone that says running is cheap is just lying. But at least I have some great things to come home to when I’m done with my insanity.

My adorable puppy (who’s 2 now! And not so much a puppy) who has converted me to a dog person so whole-heartedly. The poor dog thinks she’s being constantly punished lately since she has to listen to commands whereas *someone* else doesn’t.


However, in trying to keep up with my cat loving self we got a kitten! Percy is 5 months old and huge. The rescue shelter called him Sumo as he was 3x the size of the other baby kittens. My boyfriend requested a male cat as he’s already outnumbered by females (the dog and I) and I thought a bigger cat would be able to roughhouse with the dog when it grows older. Or at the very least hold it’s own. So far, I think the cat has terrorized everyone in the house, dog included. He doesn’t stay still long but he finally wore himself out chewing a cord.



Needless to say with our growing petting zoo, we’re looking at houses. My heart kind of hurts though as I was told I can’t bring my 3 bookcases worth of books. I feel so antiquated having so many physical books. Does anyone else still keep hardbound books?

9 thoughts on “New member of the zoo…

  1. Tam says:

    Awww. Percy looks adorable. I’m not sure how many of our ear buds no longer work on one side because the cats seem to quite enjoy the texture of a rubber cord. Sigh.

    I have very few “real” books. Next time I move, even less. I probably have a half a book case and a bunch of cook books which have not been touched in years. Hello internet cooking sites.

    Good luck with the house hunting.

    • What is it with cats and cords?! Sometimes I think he’s going to electrocute himself with all the chewing.

      Yea I’m trying to remember that I can always look up recipes and that I don’t really need all the books I own. I loved them when I read them but I tend to go for new books than re-reading of late. I just worry I’ll regret it one day :/

    • Thank you! And I’ve been reading a lot of print books from the library. I figured it was a good compromise and didn’t keep too many books about.

  2. Percy is adorable! And your dog too – so cute!

    Now WHO said you can’t take your books with you? If it’s your boyfriend then he may need to rethink that. lol Besides you’ll have a house – it’ll be bigger – more room. 🙂

    Marathons, wow. I can’t even imagine running around the block much less a marathon – good for you. I’m thoroughly impressed by your dedication and wish you advanced luck for you run in 2 weeks.

    • Thank you!

      That was my argument but he reminded me I don’t really even read most of these anymore (sadly).

      I hope your sister is doing well and has a quick recovery. Best of luck and thoughts to you and your family!

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