Review: Dark Around the Edges: We Are Family

Dark Around the Edges: We Are Family
Dark Around the Edges: We Are Family by Cari Z.
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Episode 3 of the serial picks up exactly where the last series left off. Devon has given away his sense of touch to a witch in exchange for information about their target. The information seems good but Devon is horrified when he realizes the true cost of the bargain. Losing his sense of touch plagues him in ways he had no way of knowing. Distraught and scared, Devon and Rio head to Devon’s hometown and his dads to wait out the remaining few days before getting his full ability back. Once there though, revelations, complications, and intense emotion are just a few of the things waiting for them.

It took me a minute to get my head back into the serial. Thankfully it wasn’t so long ago that I read the first two installments so I could recall the details quickly but even so, I wish there was a summary of some sort to catch the reader up. Though the important detail to remember is simply that Devon can’t feel anything. He has no awareness of falling, walking, eating, biting, or sleeping. He can’t feel uncomfortable or cold or if he cut his foot off. The absence of such a crucial sense dawns on Devon much too late. However he deals with it the best he can by returning to his childhood home and adopted dads for comfort and familiarity. This aspect of the story isn’t very action packed, especially compared to previous episodes, but it gives a significant amount of background and general information.

We learn more about Rio’s background and what exactly he is, while learning more about cambion’s in general. Devon’s dad’s history is very interesting and the author does a great job of keeping the interest and intensity of the story high despite the dialogue and information heavy installment. I’m a little sad that Devon and Rio will be leaving the dads since they peaked my interest considerably. I hope the author writes a side book about those two and their story.

Devon and Rio’s connection deepens, which is nice to see, but I’m still wondering about their relationship. They’re not first time lovers and they seem to only be together during jobs, however, they clearly care very much about each other so I’m confused as to the status of their relationship and how it works. If this is just a particularly long job and they are becoming more attached or if they’ll separate like always at the end.

The writing as always is crisp and creative. I appreciate the author’s imagination quite a bit and am looking forward to see where the story goes and what else will be thrown at the reader. I feel as though we’ve only barely scratched the surface of both the complex world and possibilities and I’m eager for more.

As a side note, the free story that’s included in the season pass is quite fun. It’s a nice deviation for Rio and Devon and shows more about their abilities and natural connection. I did think it packed too much in for a short, leaving the resolution too simplistic, easy, and fast considering the long lead up but I quite enjoyed reading it and have no complaints. It’s definitely worth getting with the season pass so I recommend that.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Dark Around the Edges: We Are Family

  1. Cari Z says:

    Thanks so much for the review! I worried about the 3rd episode not having the same level of action as the others, but I’m glad you enjoyed it, and the extra story.


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