Blood and Roses by Aislinn Kerry

Blood and Roses by Aislinn Kerry


In this world, love can put you on the wrong end of a stake…


The last thing Arjen wants is a vampire in his bed. The rest of the world may be enamored of the creatures, but he doesn’t share the obsession. When local vampire Maikel van Triet pays a visit to the brothel, Arjen tries to slip away—drawing the one thing he doesn’t want: Maikel’s attention. Arjen’s too pragmatic to refuse a paying customer, but Maikel doesn’t want his services. All he asks for is a bed, shelter, and a meal before bedtime.

Arjen’s reticence and open dislike intrigue Maikel, who’s delighted by the jaded young prostitute’s attitude, so different from the adoration he’s accustomed to. He’s never been a regular patron at any brothel, but now he can’t keep himself away. He still refuses Arjen’s services though, instead demanding Arjen tuck him in with tales of the daytime Amsterdam he hasn’t known for nearly two centuries. But when Arjen tries to seduce him into leaving, he realizes they’re forging something completely unfamiliar to him: emotional bonds. It’s equally obvious to Arjen that their arrangement is becoming more than either of them expected, and the thought terrifies him.

Vampires are shallow, fickle creatures, and Maikel could never truly love another—could he?


vamp fluff with a lot of sucking.. click to find out which kind