Review: Passing Time

Passing TimePassing Time by Ash Penn
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Although Passing Time is definitely a romance, I found it rather depressing. The main character is well crafted and comes across as fully complex and deeply flawed. His struggle with letting his dead lover go takes up the majority of the story and focus. His sexual affair with a younger man is supposed to draw Louis back into the world of the living and it does to some extent. Unfortunately I found the ending to be pretty depressing and sad despite the slight sense of hope amid the realism.

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Stray by Ash Penn

StrayStray by Ash Penn

Bar worker and serial slut Terry Seymour is hardly charm personified when it comes to romance. In fact, he doesn’t believe in love at all despite his latent desire for his best friend of fourteen years, builder Marc Pierce.

Dan Hutchinson is a young, homeless man living in a derelict house Marc’s halfway to renovating. When Marc announces Dan’s moving in for a while, Terry is understandably miffed. After all, it hasn’t been that long since Marc spilt with his boyfriend of a year, so why is he intent on bringing a total stranger into their home?

It seems to Terry there’s more to this arrangement than meets the eye. Marc must be providing Dan with food and lodgings in exchange for sex. And with the lusty vibes Dan sends his way, it’s not long before Terry succumbs to the boy’s talents between the sheets. But carrying on with Dan behind his best friend’s back is not easy. Or desirable. And when Terry’s plans to oust Dan fail, he’s the one who finds himself out in the cold.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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