Adrenaline by BA Tortuga

Adrenaline by BA Tortuga

Big time country singer Travis Reed has impulse control issues. He’s known for crazy stunts and good music, but someone has been making threats on his life, which his management thinks is a bit too much. They hire Wyatt Chastain as Travis’ new personal security, a man who can keep Travis safe from his stalker, and from himself.

Travis doesn’t think he needs a babysitter, but the attraction between him and Wyatt is white hot from the first. He’s happy enough to play, and Wyatt has a few impulses of his own, but when things start to get crazy, they have to learn to trust each other as much as they want each other. Can they get their adrenaline rush in and keep Travis alive?


Sex, sex, more sex.. then stupid ending.

Review: Toy Box Paddles

Toy Box: PaddlesToy Box: Paddles by M. Rode

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Sore Winner” by Kiernan Kelly stars two fiercely competitive men who, through a mix-up in reservations, end up sharing the master suite on a cruise ship. Morgan is a successful businessman who recently made it big with his ad business after years and years of hard work, scrimping and saving to help it survive. Rose is just the opposite, a seeming playboy with a trust fund managing a string of highly successful hotels. What happens when these two decide to indulge in a variety of contests to determine a winner is fast-paced, entertaining and amusing. From a game of table tennis to determine who wins the room’s only bed to a game of who can survive more spanks from the ping-pong paddle, these two engage you in their battle of wills.
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