Review: The Bacchi

The Bacchi
The Bacchi by Belinda McBride
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5-4 stars

I’m a fan of this author’s alternate world stories and was excited to see another one. The Bacchi is peripherally associated with An Uncommon Whore and When I Fall but can easily be read as a stand-alone book. The world building and occasional character from the previous books shows up but I think the author offers enough details to understand this one on it’s own. The writing is clean and engaging and the characters draw you in from the start. The world building is creative and interesting even as it draws on so me considered taboos. There is some m/f but really it’s minor and I honestly wouldn’t think it would bother a lot of readers. This is definitely an m/m romance with some hermaphrodite and other species kinkiness added in. Continue reading

Review: When I Fall

When I Fall
When I Fall by Belinda McBride
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

I’m not sure what’s going on with sequels lately but they haven’t been living up to the greatness of the first books. Sadly, When I Fall is no different. An Uncommon Whore was such a vivid and wonderful book that I’m so disappointed and saddened in When I Fall. It has the same world and excellent writing but after that I’m left to wonder exactly what I read. The characters feel very different from the first book and unfortunately I couldn’t connect to either one. There are too many secrets, too many political plots and no real resolution or happy ending. Instead the happy couple just ignores their many, many problems in a move that makes me think these two actually won’t end up together. Continue reading

Blacque/Bleu by Belinda McBride

Blacque/BleuBlacque/Bleu by Belinda McBride

Lukas Blacque is a deeply closeted werewolf, and more than almost anything in life, he desires his neighbor, Oliver Bleu. Oliver is a vampire who is slowly dying from insomnia. More than anything, he needs Lukas Blacque and the rich blood that flows through his veins.

On the day that Blacque makes an important commitment to his family and pack, he succumbs to temptation and spends a passionate weekend with the alluring vampire. At sunset on Friday, it’s all about urgent lust and the drive to lose his virginity. When the sun rises on Monday, lust has shifted to love and devotion. Will he be able to walk away? Will Bleu let him go?

In Blacque’s world, vampires and werewolves make uneasy bedfellows, and a gay werewolf is an impossibility. In Bleu’s world, all living creatures are little more than vessels for food and sex. But in the mysterious and magical town of Arcada, rules are broken and the unexpected is always waiting right around the corner. Can Blacque and Bleu survive long enough for Arcada’s magic to work for them?

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

if a closeted werewolf wears skintight jeans showing his dick.. is he really that closeted?

An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBride

An Uncommon Whore by Belinda McBride

“As a general rule, you won’t find the love of your life while you’re on your knees under a table.”
— Helios Dayspring

Pasha is a slave, whoring for travelers at the most dangerous bar on Warlan. He has no memory, no future of his own, yet deep inside Pasha knows that that he is meant for better things. The day that Pasha spots the dangerous pirate in the bar, he knows that he mustn’t let the stranger slip away, regardless of what he must do to attract his attention.

Captain Griffin Hawke spent the greater part of a decade searching for his lost king, only to find Helios Dayspring crouched between his knees, swathed in the robes and shackles of a whore. Though he is appalled by the downfall of his king, the hardened officer finds himself falling for the allure of the sensual creature who has taken his place. Returning Helios to his position on the throne is the only right thing to do, yet Griffin knows that in doing so, he risks losing his lover forever.

“A whore is a whore is a whore, unless he’s something else completely. I guess I must be an uncommon whore.”
— Helios Dayspring

kris was right.. but dont tell her, just read the book