Review: Defeated by Love

Defeated by Love
Defeated by Love by Samantha Kane
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s been years since I’ve read a Samantha Kane book but I vaguely remember enjoying her Brothers in Arms series. However, to be fair, I only read the first four books and remember absolutely nothing from them, except they were m/f/m threesome books. Oh and reading her books made me long for m/m only instead of the predictable female that was always interesting but pretty much the same. So I chose this Kane book because it’s advertised as m/m and I knew the writing would be good. The book is indeed well written as expected and has some interesting twists to keep the action moving. However, the focus is on the erotica between the main couple – Daniel and Harry – and a secondary couple – Christy and Simon. Because of that I didn’t really care about either couple very much but enjoyed the author’s writing and sense of humor anyway. Continue reading

Review: Love the Sinner

Love the Sinner
Love the Sinner by Avril Ashton
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

In my quest to experience new authors, Avril Ashton is my pick from Ellora’s Cave. While there are numerous good reasons why EC is not a publisher I go to when choosing books (esp m/m books) this particular choice wasn’t horrific. As that’s not a ringing endorsement, I found the writing to be standard if unimaginative, the characters to be stereotypical and predictable, the story littered with clichés, and a plot that didn’t always make much sense. Yet I found the book ok and finished it without having to force myself. I like the concept of the characters and the plot more than the actual execution. I know there are 2 more books in the series that tempt me because I like the potential of the characters and the situations. I’m just not entirely sure the writing can execute them. Continue reading

Review: Home Ice

Home Ice
Home Ice by Kate Sherwood
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’ve liked previous Kate Sherwood stories so I took a chance on this one even though it’s from a publisher I usually avoid. Sadly I should have known better and stayed away even though I like this author. Home Ice is a cliché on a cliché filled with super quick actions, repetitive elements, very little unique detail and ultimately wooden characters. I liked the hockey elements, which come across genuine and interesting. The coaching environment and the teens are fun and eye catching but there are too many distracting elements. The story can’t quite decide what it is and therefore throws a bunch of unrelated actions together to try to create some tension. It works but not successfully or in a good way. Continue reading

Islands by Samantha Kane

IslandsIslands by Samantha Kane

Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Conlan, United States Navy Seabees, knows he’s not in Kansas anymore when he steps off the launch at the small island of Ile Dorée and sees gorgeous Frenchman René Dubois waiting for him on the dock. The year is 1943, the place is the Pacific and the world is at war. Free from the censure of the military, Gabe has an explosive affair with René. But when the world intrudes, Gabe denies René and tries to forget the best sex of his life.

The only westerner on his small Pacific island, René is desperately lonely. When the tall, lanky American steps onto his dock, René knows his life will never be the same. He teaches Gabe how to make love to a man and, unexpectedly, falls in love. René will brave prejudice, Japanese Zeros and Gabe’s reluctance to find love at last.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

an oldie but a goodie

Swap Meet by Lolita Lopez

Swap MeetSwap Meet by Lolita Lopez

French billionaire Max Dantes never expected to spend his Saturday night at a sex-partner swap meet in one of Houston’s swankiest hotels. When smoking-hot firefighter Chris Collins hits on Max, his night takes an even more unexpected turn. Soon he’s pinned to a mattress beneath the sexiest specimen of raw masculinity he’s ever seen…and questioning everything he’s ever believed about himself.

Chris went to the swap meet looking for a fling but finds so much more. Soon Max is treating him to the kind of luxuries only a billionaire can offer. But when Max wants something more than an illicit tryst, Chris bolts. He’s just not ready for that kind of commitment or the potential consequences—and prejudices—of going public.

Or is he? But by the time Chris realizes his mistake, it just might be too late.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

blah blah bland.. this is why I avoid EC..

Acts Of Passion by Sedonia Guillone

Acts Of PassionActs Of Passion by Sedonia Guillone

Jack Cade is skeptical of the new criminal profiler he’s using. Michael seems so absent-minded and too neurotic to be effective. But he is brilliant and hot and Cade finds himself falling hard and fast, both in lust and in love. The attraction is mutual, although Michael’s past demons haunt him, keeping him from getting too close. Together, they begin to unravel Michael’s emotional knots even as they close in on a killer, another brilliant, wily person whose sights are now set on Michael.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

why do a half assed mystery when all you care about is the cock?

Icing on the Cake by Shayla Kersten

Icing on the CakeIcing on the Cake by Shayla Kersten

Jeff Morgan’s life is all about career. Relationships aren’t on his radar. His friendships are limited to a very few and his sex life consists of wham-bam-thank-you-man sexual encounters. He doesn’t do long term. He doesn’t even do breakfast.

Then the fate of a cake brings Ollie Cranford into his life. Shaved head, tats and piercings, the baker is far from Jeff’s type, but Ollie is as luscious as the treats he whips up in his bakery.

Now if only Jeff can relax long enough to enjoy the icing on the beefcake.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

creative fun with icing.. yum

Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson

Sorry for no other reviews this week. Been slammed in work and life and barely have time to finish “official” reviews let alone extra for my site! Wave over at Reviews by Jessewave asked me to complete a review for a dueling review with two other reviews. Suffice it to say I was worried. Be sure to check out their take on the book here.

Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson


Chaz Brighton is the youngest recruit the Academy has ever seen. God-like reflexes and eyes like a hawk make him a natural gunner and he is assigned to fly a Needle, a sleek silver ship made with technology so advanced it’s still classified. 

On his first day he meets Eric Ferron, the most dangerous man at the Academy. The ice blue eyes and scarred face of the older cadet aren’t enough to scare Chaz. Nor are the rumors that Ferron killed his last partner. But when he finds out that he and Ferron are going to be a team, his anxiety starts to mount.

Now in order to survive at the Academy, Chaz must submit to Ferron’s frighteningly erotic touch. If he doesn’t, his boundaries may get them both killed.  


Full version of review…




Chuck rolls his rig across the no-longer-United States, from Montana to Arkansas. He expects a fast run with no complications. What he doesn’t expect is Seven, a pretty blue-eyed drifter who turns not only his head but makes his blood boil.

His gayness tattooed into his very skin, Seven needs Chuck’s help to escape the very limited life Heartland forces upon him. And when the even more repressive Confederated States take an interest, Chuck and Seven are in for the ride of their lives.



Fuck Heartland..Im getting married.