Go Fish by H.T. Murray

Go Fish Go Fish by H.T. Murray

Ian and Cal have known each other since they were kids. When Cal offers to let Ian move in with him, Ian doesn’t even let the fact that Cal is gay factor in. It’s supposed to be a joke when Ian brings home a fish bowl with no fish, but when Cal buys fish and comes into Ian’s room to check on them, Ian starts seeing more of Cal than he’d counted on, and liking what he sees. There’s really only one logical way for Ian to sort out his feelings for Cal. Buy more fish.

Soon, he’s a regular hobbyist with an excuse to get Cal in his bedroom several times a day. He has no idea what to do once they’re there. Throw in Marcy- the adorable pet store geek who keeps him plied with bait- a bad chili dog, a game of strip Go Fish, and a raging case of food poisoning, and Ian’s about to lose his gay virginity the way only he could… ass backward.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

[Why are there heart shaped cuffs? Now I guess they’re cute but there is no bdsm or cuffs used in this story. The goldfish is enough since it revolves around fish. Other than that, a surprisingly decent cover from TQ!]

Like ‘bottom’s up’ was poetry.