Feral by Joely Skye

 Feral by Joely Skye


Even among shifters, Ethan is a rare breed. So rare, he’s spent the last eight years in hiding from the werewolves who once captured and tortured him. Now a tranq dart has cut short his feral existence. Waking in human form in a locked room is more than a living nightmare … it’s reliving his worst one.

Yet in the troubled eyes of one of his captors, he senses a weak link. One he can use to escape ~ by seducing his jailer.

Bram’s life as pack omega isn’t easy. As long as he obeys his alpha he is protected. However, there are some things he just can’t bring himself to do. Keeping a precious cougar shifter prisoner is one of them, especially one who has somehow managed to capture his heart.

Setting Ethan free could be a death sentence for both of them, for Bram’s pack doesn’t take betrayal lightly. And the alpha is set on revenge.

Werewolf angst…

Review: Monster

Monster (Minders, #1)Monster by Joely Skye
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the first book in a series and while it can be read alone, it has a rather big hanging ending with little to no resolution on any front. As I haven’t read the subsequent books, I’ve no idea if any of the issues raised are resolved but the blurbs tease that perhaps there are more chapters to go before an eventual happy ending, if one exists. So keep this in mind if you’re the type that likes your stories wrapped up in the space of the book, otherwise know going in you’re tapping into (so far) a three part series. Now that being said, as a first installment this wasn’t bad and certainly set up enough themes to be explored in future sequels. Continue reading