To Hell You Ride by Julia Talbot

To Hell You Ride by Julia Talbot


Big Roy is a hard rock miner with a not so secret love for the theater, so when he hears a new troupe of actors are coming to the Telluride opera house to put on a Shakespeare play, he saddles his mule and makes the trek into town to see it.

The play doesn’t disappoint, but the beautiful lead actor, Sir Edward Clancy, certainly does. Clancy is rude and arrogant, and Roy figures he’d never have a chance with such a man. He’s wrong, because Clancy needs some entertainment himself, being stuck in a Hellish mining town for the long, snowy winter.

Come spring, though, Clancy knows he’s going to want to move on, and he thinks Roy will be easy to forget. Then tragedy strikes, and Clancy has to rethink his entire life. Can these two strike gold?

sweet, bland historical

Review: Jackass Flats

Jackass FlatsJackass Flats by Julia Talbot

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dave Lopes is a young, handsome, outgoing, charismatic man that is stationed out in the desert for voicing his opinions a little too broadly in his previous assignment. He’s careful to stay within the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell guidelines of the military but he’s not interested in quick gropes in the shower while hurrying not to get caught. He’s wandering a bit, still trying to find his niche, both in the military and his life.

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