Wishbone by Lauren P. Burka

Wishbone by Lauren P. Burka


Wishbone has a risky life as a prostitute. He’s desperately short of money the night a well-dressed shih-aan offers to take him home. While Wishbone has heard that shih-aan are dangerous, he doesn’t expect to find one of them so dangerously seductive.

Rumored to be demonic, shih-aan fought humans to a bloody standstill in a war a decade past. Though peace between the two races is profitable, humans avoid and fear the shih-aan merchants living in Bronlyn Harbor.

Wishbone allows himself to be drawn closer to the sophisticated alien whose only name is given as Sir. Wishbone learns the shih-aan’s secrets as he uncovers the mysteries of the alien’s body, hidden beneath layers of exquisitely tailored clothing. Sir seethes with sexual desires that his human hosts consider blasphemous.

And he is a spy.

because fisting always lead to true love..