Great Restorations by Libby Drew

Great RestorationsGreat Restorations by Libby Drew

Marc Wynn has accompanied his beloved aunt to estate sales for years, but he’s never found anything he couldn’t live without—until he meets Sawyer Calhoun. Sawyer, in town to deal with his grandfather’s estate, wastes no time in revealing his romantic interest in Marc, but their promising first evening ends badly with Sawyer as adamant about broadcasting his sexuality as Marc is about hiding his.

But when Sawyer hires Marc to restore his grandfather’s house, their intense attraction grows into an emotional connection neither can resist. During the renovations, family secrets and other surprises come to light, and Sawyer must face his past when a tragedy threatens Marc’s livelihood. But not every obstacle is surmountable, and even with Sawyer by his side, Marc might lose everything.

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

poor blue balled cocks..

Beneath Lake Redemption by Libby Drew

Beneath Lake RedemptionBeneath Lake Redemption by Libby Drew

Fascinated by a rash of unexplained events on Lake Redemption and undeterred by the locals’ warnings or talk of “people in the lake,” Syd sets out to uncover the truth. Soon he’s experiencing the terrors of the lake for himself, and he’s not alone: he rescues David Cooper from the mysterious waters. Trapped with his attractive and willing companion, Syd begins a fight for his life and sanity that can only be won with secrets from beneath Lake Redemption.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

creepy, sexy, cool…. what more do you want?

State of Mind by Libby Drew

State of Mind by Libby Drew

Grier Crist works for the Organization—a group of Gifted “agents” who use their powers to keep peace, help those in need, and combat criminal influence around the globe. When a suspicious bombing drives Grier to break his ties with the group and go into hiding, the head of the Organization sends model agent Alec Devlin after him, claiming Grier is a murderer and traitor to their cause.

Grier manages to turn the tables and take Alec hostage long enough to convince him that the Organization is lying and hiding something sinister. The two strike a bargain: amidst enemies who want them dead, friends with their own agendas, and the growing passion between them, they’ll work together to bring down the Organization in order to protect the world… and each other.

when being a spy doesn’t get you laid… poor spy.