Review: Assimilation, Love, and Other Human Oddities by Lyn Gala .. tail sex continues to be hot while humans generally are not

Assimilation, Love, and Other Human Oddities (Claimings #2)Assimilation, Love, and Other Human Oddities by Lyn Gala

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Assimilation, Love, and Other Human Oddities returns to the alien world of Ondry and human Liam as they have settled into their relationship. The second book in the series by Lyn Gala entertains just as much as the previous book, but in a different way. The first book was more about personal relationships and relied on Ondry and Liam, two different species, figuring out their wants and needs without common language and mannerisms. Now the two are together and doing well but face a threat from a human officer with a hidden agenda. Continue reading

Review: Who Knows the Storm

Who Knows the Storm
Who Knows the Storm by Tere Michaels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’m intrigued by this start to a new series and actually came close to speed-reading the book because I literally didn’t want to put it down. That said, I think the story is full of plot holes and does a lot of hand waving to cover up some illogical leaps. I’m on the fence about whether this actually bothers me or not because the characters are solid and the overwhelming action keeps the book moving so quickly it’s hard to stop and pick out the errors. I do hope the author slows down future books just a touch to make the plot more cohesive and solid. I’d also like it if the numerous open-ended questions from this book got answered but somehow I think they’ll always remain a mystery. Either way I’d recommend this book to fans that like a lot of action but can be very forgiving of weak plots and obvious gaps. Continue reading

Review: Turbulence

Turbulence by Lyn Gala
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m a huge fan of Lyn Gala’s works and she’s one of the only authors I tend to buy on trust. I know it’ll be good and I’ll enjoy it and maybe even love it. Turbulence is a good book. It’s well written, intricate, complicated, and has good world building and a solid romance. There is nothing I can overtly criticize except it just kind of dragged in the middle. The beginning sucked me in more than I expected and I was wholly invested in the characters and the world building but then, things got slow and uneven. I guess they had to considering the lull before the dramatic ending, but still. I struggled slightly there before picking up momentum knowing the ending was near. It’s a book I’d recommend to sci-fi lovers but I ultimately didn’t love it as much as I wanted to. Continue reading

Review: Mountain Prey

Mountain Prey
Mountain Prey by Lyn Gala
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

While I’m a fan of almost anything this author writes, check out Urban Shaman, I definitely struggled even to finish Mountain Prey. It has a decent concept but I couldn’t get past the dialogue and overly annoying accents mixed with a disconcerting sense of atmosphere. Although I know the story is contemporary I felt like I was reading a historical. The juxtaposition between the two kept me off balance and unable to really enjoy the book. I was glad it finally ended and I felt little to no connection to the main characters or the story itself. I really hate to think such a great author is hit or miss for me but perhaps that’s so. No doubt this will appeal to some readers but I can’t personally recommend it. Continue reading

Throwback book – Urban Shaman by Lyn Gala

7859755 Urban Shaman by Lyn Gala

3.74  average rating  · My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Published April 12th 2010 by Dreamspinner Press



A few thoughts…I reread this book recently over my staycation (beach vacation was cancelled sadly). I quite like Lyn Gala and there are several of her books I want to re-read. This one just came out at me. I didn’t remember anything about it, just that I gave it a very high rating and remember loving it. I didn’t even read my review before I dove back into the book. I only read my review after I finished reading and it’s very on point for how I still feel about the book.

While I urge everyone to read the full review on the book, which I think covers everything, my thoughts on re-read were as follows. I would still rate this at 4.5 stars easily. I instantly became absorbed in the book once again. At several points all I wanted to do was continue reading. I had forgotten there was little romance, but that suited me just fine. I found Nikolai slightly more annoying this time around and the magical ending to the missing children bothered me more this reading. However, I still found this to be an exceptionally written and paced book. I kept wanting more of Rob and Miguel. I was sorry to see the book end and curious where the characters could go from there.

One reason I really enjoyed the re-read, not just reading a great book, was that I didn’t remember the book while reading. It kept feeling like a fresh, brand new book. I knew I’d read it before but none of the details came to mind when reading so I was free to experience the book all over again as if it were the first time. I loved that, especially having the freedom to not worry. I could trust the book was good and would satisfy.

This was one of the most enjoyable books – re-read or new – that I’ve read in weeks, if not months. I may need to pull this out again in a year or so.  Continue reading

Review: Fettered

Fettered by Lyn Gala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was really surprised by Fettered. I didn’t expect anything bad, after all it’s Lyn Gala and I quite like her books, but I was surprised by how good this one was. I think that’s due to the more intense subject matter and how it’s handled. The concept and plot are good and the story isn’t afraid to delve into pretty dark areas. It’s also not afraid to show a kink that may not be for everyone but definitely works between the main characters. The writing is very good, but what really shone here are the characterizations. The various cast members all have shades of interesting gray and it definitely hooked me to want to read more. Continue reading

Review: Claimings, Tails and Other Alien Artifacts

Claimings, Tails and Other Alien Artifacts
Claimings, Tails and Other Alien Artifacts by Lyn Gala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this quick novella. It’s incredibly hot, interesting, and a lot of fun. The writing is clean and descriptive with a nice blending of instruction and emotion. Blending an alien world and culture with a human submissive is a fun idea but the story is very clever. From start to the finish the entire novella is well crafted. The characters are also well developed, even if the differences in cultures are sometimes hard to imagine. This is a great introduction for those new to this author and fans are likely to appreciate the quirky humor and excellent writing. Continue reading

Review: Shepherd, Slave, and Vow

Shepherd, Slave, and Vow
Shepherd, Slave, and Vow by Lyn Gala
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Shepherd, Slave, and Vow is a fun, quick erotica story about a spoiled royal son that finally meets his match in a slave shepherd. The novella is entertaining and well written with a deft hand that keeps the main narrator from being too insufferable or obnoxious but gives instead a light hearted tone about a bratty, attention seeking man who finally finds someone to give him the “tending” he’s always wanted. Continue reading

Review: Desert World Allegiances

Desert World Allegiances
Desert World Allegiances by Lyn Gala
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Desert World Allegiances is the first book in a two book series by Lyn Gala. The science fiction world is very well developed, even if based off a familiar premise of terraforming a new planet. The characters in this first book are pretty immature and they honestly drove me nuts. While I really quite enjoyed the writing and world building, I disliked almost every single one of the actual characters. This does give them room to change and grow but since this is just the first book, they don’t actually make that big of a change in the space provided so it’s more of an interesting idea that I’m waiting to see how it ends. Continue reading

Review: Lines in the Sand

Lines in the Sand
Lines in the Sand by Lyn Gala
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Lines in the Sand is a pretty hot and entertaining read. It deals with the moral ambiguity of criminals and crimes. The two main characters are interesting with a lot of chemistry. The story is pretty internal with both men in their heads a lot, almost too much, but for the most part Gala’s clean writing and evocative descriptions are what keep me reading. This particular story is just long enough to satisfy without being too long and the situations are handled well with an appreciative eye to the future. If you’re a fan of the author you’ll likely really enjoy this one. Continue reading