Throwback book – Urban Shaman by Lyn Gala

7859755 Urban Shaman by Lyn Gala

3.74  average rating  · My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Published April 12th 2010 by Dreamspinner Press



A few thoughts…I reread this book recently over my staycation (beach vacation was cancelled sadly). I quite like Lyn Gala and there are several of her books I want to re-read. This one just came out at me. I didn’t remember anything about it, just that I gave it a very high rating and remember loving it. I didn’t even read my review before I dove back into the book. I only read my review after I finished reading and it’s very on point for how I still feel about the book.

While I urge everyone to read the full review on the book, which I think covers everything, my thoughts on re-read were as follows. I would still rate this at 4.5 stars easily. I instantly became absorbed in the book once again. At several points all I wanted to do was continue reading. I had forgotten there was little romance, but that suited me just fine. I found Nikolai slightly more annoying this time around and the magical ending to the missing children bothered me more this reading. However, I still found this to be an exceptionally written and paced book. I kept wanting more of Rob and Miguel. I was sorry to see the book end and curious where the characters could go from there.

One reason I really enjoyed the re-read, not just reading a great book, was that I didn’t remember the book while reading. It kept feeling like a fresh, brand new book. I knew I’d read it before but none of the details came to mind when reading so I was free to experience the book all over again as if it were the first time. I loved that, especially having the freedom to not worry. I could trust the book was good and would satisfy.

This was one of the most enjoyable books – re-read or new – that I’ve read in weeks, if not months. I may need to pull this out again in a year or so.  Continue reading