Skater Boys: Gay Erotic Stories Edited by Neil Plakcy

Skater Boys: Gay Erotic StoriesSkater Boys: Gay Erotic Stories Edited by Neil Plakcy

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Title: Skater Boys Gay Erotic Stories
Edited by : Neil Plakcy
Publisher: Cleis Press
Length: Anthology 210 pgs
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Two words describe the appeal of skateboarders: barely legal. It takes a tough and independent young man to find the best places to shred, so it’s no wonder skaters have become the object of fantasies by gay […]

Three Wrong Turns in the Desert by Neil Plakcy

Three Wrong Turns in the Desert by Neil Plakcy

From the moment he sees handsome Liam McCullough showering naked behind a Tunisian bar, ESL teacher Aidan Greene wants to screw the sexy bodyguard. At first, though, a dead courier and beefy hired thugs get in the way. But Liam soon convinces him ~ with wiles and smiles and solid logic ~ to join him on a race across the desert for a rendezvous with a Tuareg tribe at a remote oasis. Then nothing can stop them from getting naked and getting it on. Together they explore the passion Liam hid from as a closeted Navy SEAL, and the love Aidan’s missed after his longterm boyfriend kicked him to the curb.

From the back of a motorcycle to a Turkish bath to a remote dune in the desert, these two Romeos find ways to bring each other to the heights of pleasure. So what if they’re carrying the password to a million-dollar Swiss bank account and being chased by Libyan intelligence agents determined to stop them at all costs? Love and lust fuel their passion and not even three wrong turns in the desert will keep them from surviving this adventure alive ~ and together.

not as good as other works..