The things you learn about family

I spent the last week taking care of my mom after surgery. Now considering I’m extremely close to her I did this easily and without reservation, although I gotta say it wasn’t easy at all. (She’s doing well now btw). What’s hilarious is the amount of information I learned about someone I thought I knew everything about already. This could be attributed to being doped up on pain meds, or that’s what I’m praying it was.

For starters, my mom wants me to marry this guy.

He’s supposedly some wanna be Cris Angel of ghost hunting. All mom wanted to watch were these stupid Ghost Adventure shows. This from a highly educated, intelligent, and very successful professional woman. I guess it’s her version of smut..hehe. Not to mention my mom’s never -ever- said anything about this before but all of a sudden that’s all she can talk about. How I should move to Las Vegas to find this guy and “get with him.”

Yea – he looks like the monogamous type.
Thanks Ma.